How do I Choose the Best Crutch Pad?

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In order to choose the best crutch pad you should consider comfort, durability, hygiene, and style. Using crutches can put weight on your shoulders and hands which can be uncomfortable and cause undue strain, so finding a pad that is supportive and comfortable at the same time is important. A crutch pad can also get pretty dirty when used a lot, so finding a pad that is easy to wash or one that is treated for protection is also a good idea. Finding a crutch pad with which you can express yourself artistically can also give you a better feeling about using crutches.

The generic pads that come with crutches are usually made of rubber and are relatively thin. They offer the basic support to use the crutches, but often little else. The rubber that is used also has a tendency to peel, and dirt builds up easily. Replacing the pads with your own can help avoid many of these issues.

Crutch pads with extra padding are available. They offer the same support as the rubber crutch pad, but also provide more comfort, wear more evenly over time, and are often more durable. Padded crutch pads are made from a variety of materials, including latex, foam, and gel. Gel pads are both comfortable and adaptable, as they can mold to the area under your arm. Foam or latex pads typically offer firmer support, and some of them will mold to your arm as well.


Another consideration when choosing a crutch pad is hygiene. The crutch pad can get quite worn and dirty fairly quickly, especially if you are walking or moving around with the crutches a lot. Hands and armpits can be susceptible to germs, so choosing a pad with anti-mildew and anti-bacterial agent would be helpful. Many crutch pads can be washed and cleaned, which is not so easy to do with generic rubber pads.

If you want to express yourself artistically, there are a variety of styles available that will brighten up the crutches. Designs such as leopard prints and tie-die can add color and style. Many crutch pads with specific designs don’t sacrifice form over function, so you can have a stylish and durably comfortable pad.

If price is a concern, there are simpler pads available that resemble the generic pads that typically come with crutches. They often come in sets with pads and tips together. Although they might not be as comfortable or durable as some of the specialized pads, they are cheap and easy to replace.


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