How do I Choose the Best Cross Stitch Kit?

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Choosing the best cross stitch kit for you is a matter of making a good match between your current level of expertise and the complexity of the pattern you are considering. You can choose a kit designed for beginners or kids, one for the intermediate stitcher or a complex project designed for an expert cross stitcher. In general, the best cross stitch kits come with a color photo of the finished project, an easy-to-read chart, cross stitch fabric, embroidery floss and a needle. In addition to the kit, you will need an embroidery hoop, because most kits do not provide them.

If you are just getting started with the craft, look for a cross stitch kit for beginners. Beginner's kits are specifically designed to serve the needs of novice stitchers and will help you master the skills you need in order to tackle more complex projects. A cross stitch kit for beginners will include basic cross stitch directions, a simple pattern that uses only a few colors, a chart with colors or easily read symbols and the fabric and floss that you need to get started.


A kids' cross stitch kit is designed to appeal to young stitchers, usually with whimsical designs and strong colors. Most kids' cross stitch kit sets come complete with everything that is needed, including a hoop, so that the project can be started right away. Kids' kits generally use over-size cotton fabric and simple designs so they can be completed quickly.

If you are already familiar with the craft, look for a counted cross stitch kit featuring a design or image that appeals to you. You already know how to stitch, so you can choose a more advanced pattern with confidence. After you know the basics, you can save money by buying kits, because they come complete with all of the floss and fabric that you need. Buying individual skeins of floss can get expensive if you need a lot of colors. Most of the cross stitch kits sold in craft stores have standard charts and are designed to suit the needs of the intermediate stitcher, so choosing one is a matter of selecting a design that you like.

For an experienced stitcher, an advanced cross stitch kit offers enough of a challenge to hold your interest and produces an impressive finished project. You will be most likely to find advanced kits in a needlework or cross stitch specialty store or catalog. Advanced cross stitch kits include complex designs with many colors, fine linen or cotton fabric and specialized techniques, such as beading or outlining.


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