How Do I Choose the Best Cream for Combination Skin?

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Combination skin can be difficult and frustrating to properly take care of, because while the dry areas need lots of attention from a good moisturizing cream, the oily areas only seem to get oilier from this treatment. Some people buy two separate creams and apply the intensive one to the dry areas and the light cream to the oily areas. Others simply skip applying moisturizing creams or other products to the oily areas of the face, although this leaves some of the face unprotected by sunscreen, which is a major skincare mistake. It is best to find a good moisturizing cream for combination skin that has the capability of evening out the face and helping reduce problem areas while still protecting the face from the sun.

It is usually a very good idea to purchase a moisturizer, makeup, or both, that contains an added sunscreen component. Most types of moisturizing cream for combination skin moisturize the dry zones on the face while avoiding adding any oil or grease to the oily areas. The benefit of being able to apply the moisturizing cream all over the face, unlike some people with combination skin who only moisturize the dry areas, is that the entire face is protected from a non-oily sunscreen. Using a cream for combination skin that has a built-in SPF eliminates the need for a separate layer of sunscreen, which may make oily spots more oily looking.


Some skincare specialists advise that you choose whether the dry spots or the oily spots on your face cause more of a problem for you. Then, choose a very light, water-based moisturizing cream for combination skin that addresses your dry skin needs without aggravating the oil problem. The fact that the cream is water based will help avoid clogging the pores in the already oily areas.

Other possibly beneficial things to look for in a moisturizing cream for combination skin are non-drying, acne-fighting agents and antioxidants. Many creams feature antioxidants to help skin cells rejuvenate more quickly and keep the face looking younger. If you have blemish problems on your oily areas, you may need to treat those separately to avoid over-drying the already dry spots on your face, but some people with combination skin have success with creams that have built-in acne fighters. Skincare specialists also warn that it may take some trial and error to find the best cream to suit your individual face.


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