How Do I Choose the Best Cranberry Supplement?

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People use cranberry supplements when they are interested in utilizing this fruit, which grows on evergreen bushes known as cranberry bushes, for health reasons that might be extraneous to their nutritional value. For example, some people might use cranberry supplements in order to prevent or treat urinary tract infections. To choose the best cranberry supplement, your first step should be to determine which benefits you hope to reap from supplements, which might include doing some research to learn about claims that different supplement providers make and how much stock to put into these claims. A person looking for a cranberry supplement also should consult a health professional, such as a specialist or physician, especially if he or she is considering taking supplements for serious disorders, such as diabetes.

Proponents of cranberry supplements believe that cranberries are affordable, safe, and valuable natural treatments for problems such as urinary tract infections, scurvy, diabetes, and even cancer. Many health specialists, however, believe that while using cranberry supplements may have helped some people to prevent illness from occurring, there is no conclusive evidence that states that cranberry supplements can be used to treat or cure most illnesses. If you plan on treating yourself with a cranberry supplement, it is essential that you speak with a doctor first, especially if you are undergoing continual medical treatments.


To perform research about which cranberry supplement is best for you, it is a good idea to find resources that you trust. Some people have health magazines and websites that they use to keep them updated about health trends. Others might have nutritionists or other specialists whom they can ask. Regardless of which method you choose, it is a good idea to make sure that the cranberry supplement information you are getting is objective and based on actual research. Some suppliers and producers of cranberry supplements might set up webpages and take out magazine ads that look like real medical studies, but which are promotional materials.

Aside from purchasing actual cranberries, people who buy cranberry supplements most commonly purchase beverages, tablets, and powders. It might be common, for example, to find a cranberry supplement that is a powder that you can pour into a glass of water, making a cranberry flavored beverage. You also might find a chewable tablet that is made from cranberries. If you decide to use a cranberry supplement that is not an actual berry or fruit juice, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different ingredients which might create unwanted effects.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- Take one that has pure cranberry extract and nothing else. There are a lot of products labeled for "urinary health" that have multiple ingredients in addition to cranberry.

I'm not fond of these supplements because if I experience a side effect, it's hard for me to know which ingredient caused it. And cranberry-only supplements have more cranberries than supplements with many ingredients.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I think that you can take cranberry supplements from any good and reliable brand. I take cranberry soft-gel supplements several times a week because I often have urinary tract infections. I get mine from the pharmacy, I think it has been working well.

I'm sure that most powders, tablets and capsules are equally effective. I prefer the capsules because it has no sugar and it's very easy to swallow. The powder supplements can have sugar in them and I have to avoid sugar because of my diabetes. As for the tablets, they're a little difficult to swallow.

Post 1

What is the best cranberry supplement for a healthy urinary tract? Are the powder supplements as effective as the tablets and gel capsules?

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