How do I Choose the Best CPU Temperature Software?

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Most central processing units (CPUs) are installed properly with enough heat removal to allow the processor to run at optimal speeds and not produce more heat than the computer can handle. You may still want to utilize CPU temperature software, however, to monitor the temperature of your CPU, hard drive, and other devices to be sure your heatsinks and fans are working properly. This type of software can also be very important if you have overclocked your CPU or if you are testing different types of cooling systems. When looking for the best CPU temperature software, you should look for a program that is reliable, one that comes as close as possible to getting an accurate reading, and you may want to consider one developed by the maker of your CPU.

CPU temperature software is typically developed to monitor the temperature of a CPU and other internal computer devices, and then relay that information to the computer user. This can be done through a window accessible to the user or an icon located on a task bar or similar location in the background of the running programs. This type of software will often be developed to use only minimal resources so it can be easily run while other programs, even processor-intensive ones, are running.


One of the most important things you should look for from CPU temperature software is accuracy. Since you are looking for a temperature, accuracy is just as important as it would be from any other type of thermometer. You can find numerous reviews of these types of programs on various Internet websites, and many of them will help you determine the accuracy of the software. The accuracy can also depend on the hardware you are using, however, so you should consider that as well.

As you are choosing CPU temperature software to run, you may want to consider a program developed by the maker of your CPU. Most major CPU manufacturers have such programs and they can typically be downloaded and used for free directly from the manufacturer’s website. These are usually accurate and reliable, and are typically the programs utilized by the manufacturer when running tests or diagnostics on their own hardware. If CPU temperature software does indicate that your CPU is running hotter than it should, then you may want to consider ways to help cool down your system. Clean off any dusty or clogged fans and cooling ports, be sure your heatsink is properly connected to the CPU, and consider underclocking your CPU or reverting an overclocked CPU to its original speed.


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