How do I Choose the Best CPU Cart?

Patti Kate

Choosing the best cart for your computer tower, technically called a Central Processing Unit (CPU) can be made easy if you select one that is functional and constructed of material that is made to be durable. Even if budget is a big concern, choose one that gives you the best overall quality for your money. Attractiveness doesn't necessarily have to be compromised, but versatility should remain your priority.

A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
A Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Think about how much your CPU weighs. When you go shopping for a CPU cart or stand, be certain it will be able to support your computer tower properly. While mobility and castered wheels are a very good feature to look for, stability is probably the most important factor. One thing you want to avoid worrying about is your expensive equipment tipping over because of a shaky stand or CPU cart.

A heatsink is the part of a computer designed to move heat away from a computer's central processing unit.
A heatsink is the part of a computer designed to move heat away from a computer's central processing unit.

Another thing to consider is the importance of CPU cooling. If your computer runs complex programs for extended periods of time and is not properly ventilated, you face the risk of damage to your unit. Even an adequately installed CPU heatsink will not be of use if it is being blocked or trapped in an enclosed space. This is one reason why it is very important to ensure the CPU cart you purchase has proper cooling channels. Check for ventilation holes, particularly on both sides and on the bottom—this is where your CPU heats up the most. If the CPU cart you're eyeing up is basically constructed of two solid walls and a solid floor, it might be best to reconsider the purchase and select another type of stand.

A CPU cart with an adjustable height and width has advantages as well. If you prefer to have your computer tower stand elevated above floor level, some stands can offer you that option. In addition, some carts will let you adjust the width as well, which is a good feature to have. Not all CPUs are the same size, and because of the possible variation, you might want to choose a stand that has ample space. Some of the newer carts also feature multi-positions for angling convenience.

It is very convenient to use a CPU cart with casters and wheels because you can easily maneuver it when you need to clean and dust. Although the freedom of wheels are an advantage, finding a cart that has locking casters or casters with brakes, can be an added security feature. This is especially practical when there are small children and pets in the area.

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