How Do I Choose the Best Country Cottage Decor?

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Choosing the best country cottage decor depends on the type of country cottage and your own personal preferences. Many cottages focus on maintaining original features of the building, exposing wood beams, and adding floral accents. Making a home look like a country cottage involves a combination of design aspects, and no single element of country cottage decor will change the overall appearance of a home. This means that choosing the best country cottage decor involves thinking about how the different elements will combine in the overall design to create a finished room or home.

One of the most important elements of country cottage decor is color. White is prominent in many country cottages, as are natural wood tones. Adding accents that are appropriate to the specific home can also improve the overall impression of the design. While white is most commonly associated with country cottages, it is also possible to base the home in other colors. Looking at pictures of classic country cottages can help identify color schemes that will be effective.

Pattern is also an important element in country cottage decor. Furniture, for example, can be appropriate in any design if it is upholstered in strong floral patterns. Choosing curtains that bring to mind country themes is another way to add country cottage elements to a home. The best patterns for a particular home are personal, but one interesting route to take involves using historical patterns local to the area where you live.


In terms of furniture, the best country cottage decor is strong and sturdy. Most elements are made of wood, but it is also possible to incorporate metal elements. Many people find that wicker looks appropriate in a country home, particularly when painted white. Some of the most interesting country cottage furniture is antique, age appropriate to a home in the country. This is particularly true of beach-side cottages, which often have attractive wood furniture that has been aged by the sea.

Small elements and decorations can be the key to an attractive country cottage. Accent bowls, flower arrangements, and small figurines can be added to the home to give it a lived-in feel. A country cottage is often used as a place to escape, and wall art can be used to emphasize this aspect of the home. Images that coordinate well with furniture can be particularly appropriate, though highly personal elements are also very effective. When choosing wall art, it is a good idea to think not only about the image but the frame in which it is set, as this is also important to the finished look of the room.


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