How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Water Distiller?

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If you are interested in obtaining a countertop water distiller, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. Production rate is one of the most important specifications to look at, especially if you will need to distill drinking water on a daily basis. You may want to figure out your daily water needs, and then select a unit that will be capable of meeting them. The water purity that a unit is capable of achieving is also very important to look at if you will be using the device for drinking water. Some distillers include pre- or post-distillation activated carbon filters, which can help remove any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that make it through the distillation process.

The main function of a countertop water distiller is to remove impurities from water through the use of evaporation and condensation. These devices typically consist of a water vessel, heating element, and condenser coil. When one of these devices is activated, the heating element causes the temperature in the water vessel to increase. That can effectively kill some pathogens, though most impurities are also left behind when the water is converted into steam. The steam then rises up into a condenser coil, which has the effect of returning it to a liquid state.


Some of the main differences between different countertop water distiller units are water vessel capacity and heating element wattage, both of which can affect the production rate of a unit. Since production rate can be an important factor in helping you choose the best countertop water distiller, those are two specifications you should pay attention to. In order to make sure that a unit will be a good choice, it is important to select one that can distill enough water each day to meet your needs. Heating element wattage is the biggest indicator as to how fast a unit will be able to distill water, though an otherwise high wattage paired with an unusually large vessel may have unsatisfactory results.

Another important factor to look at when choosing a countertop water distiller is the level of purification. Quality distillers typically have certifications that indicate the purity level of the water they can produce, and sometimes even state specific percentage of pathogens that were eliminated during testing. You may also want to look for a distiller that includes an activated carbon filter if you are concerned about achieving the highest level of purification. Reviews from consumers posted on-line can also be useful in determining the pros and cons of any given unit.


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