How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Water Dispenser?

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Those who want to find the best countertop water dispenser need to analyze the intended use of this appliance to figure out how to find models that are most compatible with a certain space, and have the best modern features to serve their users. A wide array of water dispenser models work in different ways to provide the inhabitants of a space with clean drinking water. As many of these innovative appliances have taken over from the traditional water fountains found in older buildings and outdoor spaces, buying an efficient countertop water dispenser for a home or office has become a common goal.

One of the first things to consider with a countertop water dispenser is size. Typically, the countertop space existing for the appliance will be small. The buyer needs to make sure that a certain model will fit a finite area that is designated for it.

Ease-of-use is a common issue for those who are choosing between countertop water dispensing machine models. Many of these have simple faucets or taps that are either lever or button operated. Some of these dispensing parts can be better made than others. Buyers can look for whether a dispensing faucet provides good water flow, controls potential leaking, and works consistently.


Some of those who are looking for the best countertop style water dispensers evaluate special features for the household or office as needed. One of these is water purification. Unlike most traditional water fountains, modern countertop water dispenser designs often have filtration and purification systems built in. These can be as simple as one level charcoal filtration, or more complex, with various levels of filtration. Water purification is a “value added’ component of the best models on today’s market.

Another special feature is the ability of a countertop water dispenser, or similar appliance, to effectively heat or cool water. According to the needs of a home or office, buyers can choose models that will deliver hot water for hot drinks and chilled water for regular hydration. These models are usually considered superior to more basic models that simply hold water for dispensing.

There are also two major kinds of water dispensers available on the market. One kind has a tank that needs to be changed as water is depleted. The other kind of appliance, known as a tankless water dispenser, hooks up to an existing water line, and does not need a tank. The uses of these two appliances will be somewhat different, and it’s something that is important for buyers to think about when choosing the best models for countertop water dispensing. Those with tanks do not typically require a filtration feature, since the tanks of water are typically contain natural spring water or otherwise purified water.


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