How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Electric Oven?

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When attempting to choose the best countertop electric oven, first be sure you do not confuse this option with a toaster oven or other appliance. While toaster ovens can be very convenient and can also help save energy, they do not have the same abilities as other countertop ovens. When buying a countertop electric oven, also keep in mind the types of foods you plan to prepare in it. Cooking capacity will be an important consideration in making your decision.

If you intend to use a countertop electric oven for everyday cooking, you will most likely want to choose a large model. Some people actually replace their regular ovens with countertop varieties in order to save energy. If this is your plan, you can find a size large enough to cook a whole ham, chicken, turkey, or a large roast.

The controls are also important. If you need high temperatures for specific foods you like to cook, make sure the countertop electric oven you choose can handle high temperatures for the time required. Time features will also play a role. If the oven can only be set to cook for one hour at a time, be sure you can reset it when the time has expired, without it requiring a long cool-down period in between.


A countertop electric oven may include several different as well as convenient features. Some styles include the option to switch between convection and non-convection cooking. Convection cooking can reduce cooking time substantially thus saving both energy and money. A countertop electric oven may also offer a rotisserie feature or an adjustable broiler. It is important to choose one that covers all your needs but at the same time, be careful not to pay more for features that you will not use.

It is also a good idea to determine in advance where you will place your countertop electric oven. Measure the space, including width, depth, and height. Doing so will help you ensure that the oven you select will fit properly, with plenty of open space on all sides.

Of course, safety features are also important when choosing a countertop oven. Some styles have an automatic shut-off feature in the event of overheating. Some will also shut off automatically once the timer goes off and cooking has completed. Options like these can make the difference between choosing a good countertop electric oven and a great one.


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