How Do I Choose the Best Cotton Wipes?

Kristeen Moore

Cotton is a soft and versatile kind of fiber that is often made into beauty and personal care wipes, and the best versions that you choose depend on your needs. Dry cotton wipes are useful for applying and removing various items on your skin, and you should choose durable versions that do not fall apart during use. Moist wipes are the best choice for cleansing the skin, and some varieties even have added soaps and fragrances. Certain kinds of cotton wipes are also the most appropriate for babies, as some brands contain multiple layers for durability. A final consideration when choosing these wipes is whether you want conventional or organic versions.

A field of cotton.
A field of cotton.

Dry wipes, such as cotton balls and squares, are some of the most common forms of this kind of product. This is the best choice if you want to apply items to your skin, such as an ointment or an astringent. These cotton wipes are also appropriate for removing dried on substances, such as makeup.

Cotton baby wipes are durable and suitable for use on sensitive skin.
Cotton baby wipes are durable and suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Other cosmetic cotton wipes contain soaps, alcohol, and other ingredients that help to cleanse the skin. These are the best choices if you want portable wipes that do not require water before use. Packaged facial wipes are increasing in popularity for an easy way to cleanse this sensitive skin, and most brands are made out of cotton. Certain kinds also contain alcohol in order to kill bacteria, and these are primarily used for the hands.

Baby wipes come in a variety of materials, such as tencel, but cotton ones tend to be the best products for this age group. Not only is the cotton durable, but the material is also softer for young, sensitive skin. Many quality brands contain soothing aloe vera and vitamin E in order to prevent dry skin. For the best results, consider choosing a brand that does not contain any fragrances that can potentially irritate your baby’s skin. Cotton baby wipes are also the best choice for adults who want non-irritating cleansing towels that are disposable.

Organic cotton wipes are the best versions if you do not want any chemicals in your product. Although this primarily pertains to moist varieties, certain types of dry wipes can also be made out of organic cotton. Conventional cotton harvesting practices involve the use of pesticides, and the resulting products are sometimes bleached in order to look clean. Both wet and dry organic wipes utilize cotton that is grown without pesticides, and the moist versions do not contain any additional chemicals or preservatives.

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