How Do I Choose the Best Cotton Candy Perfume?

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Choosing the best cotton candy perfume for your needs is a matter of mixing personal preference with the features you require from a perfume. For example, if you travel frequently, the type of perfume bottle you choose becomes more important that it would be for someone who leaves the perfume stationary on a bathroom shelf. Other important considerations include the strength of the scent itself, the way the smell changes over time with extended wear, and any other additions to the formula, such as glitter or shimmer.

Typically, younger women and girls are more drawn to perfume scents such as cotton candy and other sweets. Products such as cotton candy perfume generally directed at younger women and teenage girls may add glitter or shimmery powder to the formula so that the throat, wrists, and other areas where the perfume is applied receive a flirty, feminine sparkle. Not all perfumes with cotton candy scents are directed at younger generations, however. More sophisticated perfumes commonly marketed toward women in their twenties or higher may not usually smell overwhelmingly of sweets, but they do sometimes use hints of cotton candy to sweeten the other scents mixed into the perfume.


The most important factor for most women choosing a cotton candy perfume is the scent. If possible, test the type of perfume you are going to purchase in the store, even if you plan to buy it online at a later time. Apply as much perfume as you would usually wear as opposed to only dabbing it on a small area. This will help you judge whether the scent is overwhelming or subtle, and whether the cotton candy fragrance is a pleasant sort of sweet or a more sickly, sugary sweet. Keep in mind also that it is a good idea to wait to buy the perfume until you have worn the test amount for an entire day so that you can accurately judge how the fragrance will wear off or change over time.

Cotton candy perfume is available in many different bottle types, as with other perfumes. Frequent travelers often appreciate more leak-resistant roll-on bottles that do not have openings or gaps for the perfume to drip out of if the bottle is upended inside a suitcase. Fancier glass bottles and traditional refillable spray-on bottles are a popular choice for women who plan to keep the bottle at home instead of traveling with it.


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