How Do I Choose the Best Cosmetics Cases?

Judith Smith Sullivan

The best cosmetics case will meet your needs for storage and organization as well as your budget. For professional makeup artists and performers, a large makeup case with a variety of cubbies and dividers is crucial. For others, a smaller case or folding fabric sachet will often suffice. It helps to take inventory of your makeup and beauty products before shopping, to determine what you need. Cosmetics cases can be inexpensive, although larger, higher quality cases will cost more.

Some makeup professionals carry cosmetics cases that contain hundreds of makeup samples.
Some makeup professionals carry cosmetics cases that contain hundreds of makeup samples.

There are two basic types of cosmetics cases: professional and personal. Professional cases are often larger, box-shaped and have a double fold lid. These cosmetics cases are often more expensive than personal use cosmetic cases, because they are designed for frequent use and travel. Smaller professional cases are about the size of a train case. The larger ones can be the size of a suitcase and often come with rollers for ease of transportation.

Cosmetic cases or bags help keep makeup neat and organized.
Cosmetic cases or bags help keep makeup neat and organized.

Personal use cosmetics cases come in a variety of designs, from the box style to fabric sachets and bags. All types comes in a variety of sizes, so even if your makeup collection is extensive, you should be able to find a personal use bag to meet your needs. Unless you purchase a designer brand case, personal use cosmetics cases are inexpensive.

Of course, you do not have to be a makeup artist to require a professional quality cosmetics case. Some women simply enjoy having a wide variety of beauty products and need the additional storage. To find out which type is correct for you, take inventory of your beauty supplies. If you have already outgrown the typical makeup bag or find that you need several bags to contain your make up collection then you may need a professional case. You may also benefit from a professional case if you find that your makeup bags are wearing out or becoming damaged frequently.

For individuals who only keep a few favorite beauty products, a personal makeup case is the best choice. A large box style case or a bag that is too large will simply take up excess space. A smaller bag with multiple storage pockets is easier to organize and maintain.

The best makeup case will have storage for a variety of shapes and sizes of beauty products. For instance, there should be either an elasticized pocket organizer or long, thin cubbies for storing brushes, applicators, and pencils. There should also be room to carry jars or bottles, typically in the bottom of the case or in a zipper bag.

Fabric bags should be machine washable, and hard shell cases should be made out of a material which is easy to wipe clean. Fabric bags with removable inner bags and zip pockets are especially useful since they can be taken out of the main bag for travel. These inner pockets and bags may attach with Velcro®, zippers, or magnets.

Whether you are shopping for professional or personal use, your case should be able to house everything you need. If possible, take a sample of your makeup with you while shopping, especially if you have oversize compacts or other oddly shaped beauty items. If you cannot fit all of your items in a particular case, then keep looking.

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