How do I Choose the Best Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center?

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When choosing a cosmetic laser surgery center, it is crucial that you investigate the center's history and the qualifications of its staff and ensure that it is experienced in providing the specific cosmetic laser surgery services that you need. Other things that you can do to ensure the quality of a cosmetic laser surgery center is to view before and after photographs of its patients and get referrals from other doctors as well as its patients. Finally, you should investigate the financial options offered by the cosmetic laser surgery center.

Cosmetic laser surgery, like all surgery, carries with it significant risks. Of significant concern to many cosmetic surgery consumers is the fact that a mistake can cause permanent and significant disfigurement. As such, it is crucial to determine whether the cosmetic laser surgery center of your choice has established significant safety protocols and its staff is well trained in the procedures that it performs. Physicians who perform cosmetic laser surgery should hold appropriate qualifications and, in those countries that offer board certification in medical specialties, be board certified to perform cosmetic surgery. You can also ask the medical licensing board in your jurisdiction if the physician has been the target of any disciplinary action.


If there is a particular procedure that you are interested in, find out if the cosmetic laser surgery center has physicians on staff that have experience in that procedure. Some experts suggest that you request before and after pictures of people who have had that procedure. They also suggest that you not just look at cherry-picked photos of the best results, but that you ask to see photos from a particular date range so that you can get a better idea of what an average patient can expect from the physician's work. Of course, if you know someone who has had good results for a particular cosmetic laser surgery center, it's a good idea to ask him about his experience and whether he would recommend that particular center or physician.

While cosmetic surgery can, in some cases, be covered by health insurance if it serves a legitimate medical need, many purely cosmetic procedures must be paid for out of pocket. Ask each cosmetic laser surgery center that you investigate about its costs and whether financing is available. While you should never choose to receive medical care on the basis of cost alone, some cosmetic laser surgical centers offer more attractive financial options than others.


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