How do I Choose the Best Corporate Seal Embosser?

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Corporate seal embossers are used to imprint important company details onto official documents. When choosing a corporate seal embosser, the primary consideration should be compliance with legal requirements. The design of the seal and embossing mechanism are dependent upon the number and type of documents to be embossed.

An embossed seal has a legal function similar to that of an individual’s signature; it attests to the truth of a statement or binds a company to a certain course of action. As they are used on official documents, it is very important to choose a corporate seal embosser that complies with the legal requirements for the company’s location. Most seals are required to have at least the name of the company and its date of formation. Seals in the United States usually also require the state of incorporation.

Another consideration when choosing a corporate seal embosser is the size and design of the seal itself. If the name of the company is long, it may look awkward on many smaller-sized embossing dies, or not fit at all. Unnecessarily large dies, however, are more expensive and may overwhelm or obscure parts of official documents. Many companies will include their company logo or crest on the die as a form of branding, but this is legally prohibited in some places.


It is also important to choose the right type of embosser to match the needs of the company. There are a variety of different corporate seal embosser mechanisms. Most are designed for hand-held or desktop use and have either a screw-type press mechanism or a lever handle. Lever-handled embossers are the most user-friendly and usually the least expensive. Screw presses allow for greater pressure and are generally used when embossing thick paper or multiple documents at once.

If there is a need to emboss many documents quickly and uniformly, an electric corporate seal embosser may be the best choice. Electric types are faster and do not rely on human strength. They usually have a variety of settings for different paper weights and seal locations. Many also come with security features to prevent unauthorized use of corporate seals.

Depending on the type of documents to be embossed, the reach of the embosser should also be a factor. Reach determines how far from the edge of the document the seal can be placed — the longer the reach, the more flexibility there is in seal position and orientation. In most cases, however, a reach of 2 inches (5.1 cm) is sufficient.


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