How do I Choose the Best Corner Bathtub?

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A corner bathtub can serve as an aesthetically pleasing addition for bathrooms where space is an issue. The functional design of a corner bathtub also allows it to be placed next to a window in some cases, which allows for an enjoyable view while bathing. When choosing a bathtub, one should mainly factor in its material, size, style, features and price. Comparing these factors should help most people to decide on the ideal bathtub.

There are two main types of materials used to make a corner bathtub. Fiberglass is an inexpensive choice that is lightweight and easy to repair if it happens to get scratched. The downsides of fiberglass are that it loses heat quickly and only comes in a limited variety of colors.

Acrylic is the other main option. Like fiberglass it is also lightweight, but in contrast, it retains heat well and comes in numerous colors. The downsides of acrylic tubs are that they are more expensive and prone to scratching.

The size of a corner bathtub definitely needs to be taken into consideration before purchase. It's imperative that the tub fits comfortably in the bathroom while still leaving enough space to move around. The homeowner should measure the dimensions of the bathroom's corner with a tape measure to get an estimate of what the maximum size of the tub should be. Getting a plumber's opinion is also often a good idea.


A corner bathtub typically comes in two main styles. The triangular tub is a good option when space is very limited. An oval tub can be used when there is slightly more space available. The primary difference between the two styles is that oval bathtubs allow the bather to stretch out horizontally and offer more leg room.

Some bathtubs also have extra features. One common feature is built-in seats, which allow a person to bathe while sitting upright. A whirlpool jet, which offers a soothing and therapeutic stream of water to relax muscles, is another feature provided on some models. Neither of these options are necessary, but are nonetheless worth considering when comparing bathtubs.

The price of a corner bathtub is another concern that needs to be taken into consideration before purchase. Prices can differ substantially depending on the material, style and store. It's often a wise idea to set a budget limit before looking at bathtubs. Viewing multiple products online can provide information on average current prices.


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