How Do I Choose the Best Cordless Straightener?

Alex Tree

To choose the best cordless straightener, determine how hot a straightener must be to be effective on your hair, how much the battery will cost, and how often it needs to be replaced. Use a straightener with a digital temperature display to find out the lowest temperature your hair responds well to. Then find out whether the battery is specially made by the hair iron company and must be reordered every time it does or if it can be recharged. Lastly, if the battery must be replaced once it dies, look at product reviews to see how long the battery lasted for other users.

Many women use mini hair straighteners on a daily basis.
Many women use mini hair straighteners on a daily basis.

The most important part of choosing a cordless straightener is determining whether it will work for your hair. Cordless straighteners use batteries, and, in general, hotter irons drain the battery more quickly because it takes more power to achieve that temperature. Although your cordless straightener battery is probably a bit different than a laptop battery, it works in the same way. A laptop battery dies relatively quickly when it is used to run games with high-quality graphics, but playing a simple game of chess — or having the straightener on a very low temperature — makes the battery last a lot longer. If your hair responds only to a temperature most battery-operated straighteners cannot achieve, it is best to get a corded device instead.

One problem some people have with their cordless straighteners is that the battery is special and can be ordered only from the manufacturer. In this case, it is also usually expensive and sometimes not worth replacing. A good cordless straightener has a battery that can be purchased in a battery store or recharged. Rechargeable batteries are generally expensive, but save you from having to buy a new cordless straightener every few months.

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Lastly, a well-used cordless straightener will inevitably need a new battery. Compare the price of a new battery to the price of a new cordless straightener. Sometimes cordless straighteners are not long-term investments because the cost of a new battery plus shipping and handling is around the same or costs more than the straightener itself. Make sure to look at product reviews to find out how long you can expect a cordless straightener to last. If the average life of a straightener is one month, determine if the cost of upkeep or replacements is worth it before making the final decision.

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