How Do I Choose the Best Cordless Curling Iron?

Anna B. Smith

The best cordless curling iron heats up quickly, provides an on-board energy cell, and is equipped with a heat proof carrying case. Fast heat time is necessary for individuals who must fix their hair quickly and do not have time to wait for the lengthy heating time associated with standard plug-in curling irons. An on-board energy cell tends to be more reliable than rechargeable units that must be plugged in occasionally, or batteries which are drained quickly and can be costly to replace over the long term life of the product. The heat proof carrying case allows the user to turn off the iron and store it instantly after use without worrying about damage and scorching to other items in luggage during travel.

The best cordless curling iron should heat up quickly for use.
The best cordless curling iron should heat up quickly for use.

One of the benefits of a cordless curling iron is a fast heat time. This refers to the length of time the product requires from the point of activation to the point at which it is hot enough to curl hair. Electric curling irons typically require more time to fully recharge and reach their maximum heating potential. Customers can read the product labeling to determine the time it takes for the iron to heat, and should choose the product with the shortest wait period.

Customers may also benefit from purchasing a cordless curling iron that provides its own fuel source. Some cordless models often require batteries or a rechargeable fuel cell that must be plugged in for charging purposes occasionally. Batteries can become costly over time, and may not be readily available to those who are using the iron in remote or foreign locations. Charging the iron may not always be possible depending on where it is being used, and the wait time available to the user.

The butane or power cell cordless curling iron is equipped with a small on-board energy cell that does not require charging, and only needs replacing infrequently when the cartridge has been completely used. Replacement cartridges can be purchased online in multiple packs, and last for greater lengths of time than standard batteries. This style of iron breaks down into two separate pieces for easy storage in luggage, as well.

Those who are using a cordless curling iron for traveling purposes may benefit from purchasing one that is equipped with a heat proof case. This travel compartment allows the iron to be stowed while still hot immediately after use without damaging the surface of the storage compartment. Heat is contained within the liner, and exterior luggage and packed clothing are not scorched.

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