How Do I Choose the Best Convection Microwave?

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It is a simple matter to select the best convection microwave oven after doing some research and taking a few things into consideration. First, a convection microwave might not be a replacement for the larger, traditional convection oven, but it will provide a handy appliance for the home chef who wants a time-saving shortcut. A convection microwave typically cooks food faster than a standard microwave oven and has the ability to roast and brown a chicken. Convection microwaves are available in a number of different types to accommodate just about any kitchen and cooking requirement. Models with more options, capacity, or capabilities tend to be more expensive.

Microwave ovens are not just for heating up leftovers from last night's dinner. These days, microwaves have become more sophisticated in how they cook food, and that definitely applies to a convection microwave. For some, the convection microwave has all but replaced the larger, more traditional cooking range or oven, becoming the primary source for preparing all sorts of foods from main dishes and pizza to a cup of hot cocoa. Convection microwave ovens cook food faster and more efficiently by distributing heat more evenly and eliminating hotspots in the food. Unlike standard microwave ovens, convection-style microwave ovens also have the capability to brown food.


Convection microwave ovens are available in a number of styles and configurations including countertop, built-in, over the range, drawer, and speedcook versions. Countertop microwaves are typically the least expensive but take up more space, while built-in and over-the-range microwave ovens work better in a kitchen without much countertop space. Drawer ovens are typically built-in and installed at an easy to reach lower height. Speedcook microwave ovens use traditional microwave and convection cooking methods to prepare foods four to eight times faster while also being able to brown, broil, roast and grill with no preheating. Speedcook ovens can fully cook a whole chicken in 20 minutes while traditional ovens can take 120 minutes or more.

When considering any type of appliance or purchase for the home, price may determine the final choice and choosing a convection microwave oven is no different. Entry-level, compact convection microwaves will be less expensive than top-of-the-line models. This is not always the case, however, as some smaller, simpler convection microwaves can cost just a few hundred Unites States dollars (USD). Some of the larger, more capable ovens, with more options range from a few hundred to a few thousand USD. Most convection-style microwave ovens are more energy efficient than conventional style ovens, and this can save homeowners a great deal over the long run in overall home energy costs.


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Well, it will be good if you buy a microwave from a trusted brand such as Panasonic. Most of the models from Panasonic are high quality microwaves without any doubt.

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