How do I Choose the Best Conservatory Blinds?

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When you purchase conservatory blinds for your sun room or solarium, choose a reputable dealer known for providing first-rate customer service. To do so, check around and do some research. Know the exact measurements of your window, to find a custom fit. It's also a good idea to educate yourself on the features available in various models so that can choose conservatory blinds that enhance your room's design.

Assuming your conservatory window is located on the ceiling, you may want to choose roof coverings for both the interior and exterior. Consider what you plan on using your sunroom for. If you are using the room to grow plants, you might prefer practical, rather than elaborate, designs. If, however, you primarily use your conservatory to entertain or enjoy the view from inside, you'll probably choose other options to match your decor.

Consider the exterior of your solarium and visualize how others will view it. You probably want an attractive and eye-catching style, but you also will need durable construction to endure all weather conditions. Consider conservatory blinds that are made from high-quality wood. Some of these conservatory blinds include matching shutters for the outside of your sun room.


If you live in a very warm region, or the sun typically shines onto your solarium roof during the hot summer months, don't choose a transparent material. You'll need conservatory blinds that help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Select blinds that will provide you with year-long insulation.

You'll also want to retain your sun room's natural light. Choose blinds that will block or shield the sun's strong rays, while at the same time allow adequate light to enter your solarium. Your blind dealer can help you select the right blinds to enhance your room's lighting. This can help cultivate your plants, while providing a comfortable room to relax in.

Depending upon the style of your solarium, your conservatory blinds may take on the look of old-fashioned Victorian style or a modern art decor. You'll most likely want to match the style of the window coverings to fit the theme of the room. Ask for sample swatches and compare several varieties before making your final decision. If samples are not available, look through a catalog.

Conservatory blinds designed for spacious sun rooms usually feature some type of remote control. Many can be operated from the outside as well as indoors. If your sun room is relatively small, you'd do just as well with manually operated conservatory blinds.


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