How do I Choose the Best Concealer Brush?

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Choosing the best concealer brush involves choosing a brush that will work well with one's favorite concealing cosmetics and finding a brush that fulfills one's preferences and budget. There are a number of kinds of concealers on the market from concentrated concealers that are meant to cover dark circles under the eyes or hide dark scars to light concealers that are meant for use all over the face. The concentrated concealers may be quite thick and come in a tube like lipstick or a in a pot like lip balm. Lighter concealers for all over use may come in a tube like foundation or under-eye cream.

For these thicker kinds of concealer, it is best to use a concealer brush with thick, firm fibers that are short and bundled quite closely together. This kind of concealer brush will be able to manage the product and will be helpful in applying the cosmetic to the specific areas where it is needed. For a thinner product that is meant to be applied all over the face, the fibers of the concealer brush can be a bit longer and less thickly bundled together. This will allow for the brush to transfer larger amounts of the product, which is used on larger amounts than the thicker cosmetic, to the face.


Once the correct brush shape has been chosen, the kind of brush fibers must be chosen. Some people prefer to use a concealer brush that is made with natural fibers. Others don't mind if the brush is made with synthetic fibers. The key difference is that a concealer brush made with natural fibers is often more expensive than a concealer brush made with synthetic fibers. However, some people believe that brushes made with natural fibers are easier to use and clean and that they last longer.

For people who need a concealer brush for both concentrated concealer and a lighter kinds of concealer, there are some companies that make a sort of two-in-one concealer brush. On one end there is the brush that can be used to apply small amounts of concentrated concealer and the other end is tipped with a brush that can be used to apply thinner concealer all over the face. This kind of brush is not as easy to find as the ones that do just one of the two jobs, but they can be ordered online from web retailers that specialize in cosmetics and related supplies.


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Post 10

I always keep a synthetic foundation concealer brush in my makeup kit because I find it cleans more easily than a natural hair brush and is much less expensive to replace when I do need to get a new one. I also find that the synthetic brushes seem to go on sale far more often than real ones.

One thing I am curious about is how long I should keep my synthetic brushes with proper care?

Right now I toss them after 3 months because I am worried about germ buildup even with regular washing. I think this might be a bit excessive so I am wondering how often would be more appropriate.

Post 9

There are some really great travel foundation and concealer brushes available and I actually prefer the portable brushes as I never do my makeup in the same place. Our apartment is a bit crowded so I usually end up working on whatever surface is available first thing in the morning.

I found a gorgeous Quo travel brush set on sale and it is really handy. i love that the brush handle is magnetic and you can clip on whichever brush head you need. It really saves a ton of space over a conventional brush set.

The concealer brush in the kit I purchased is extraordinarily soft, but firm at the same time. I think a perfect feel makes for the best concealer brush.

Post 8

@feruze-- I think synthetic fiber is the most common for concealer brushes. I personally prefer synthetic ones for concealer even though all of my other makeup brushes are natural animal hair.

I agree that it's a preference though. If possible, I suggest that you go to several cosmetic stores and ask them if it would be possible to try their concealer brushes at the store and compare them.

What I most look for in a concealer brush is the size. It should not be too big because that makes it difficult to get to hard to reach places. I have two concealer brushes right now. One is half a centimeter in length and the other is just under one centimeter. I use the little one around my eyes, nose and mouth and the bigger one to cover-up blemishes on my cheeks.

Post 7

I think a two-in-one concealer brush sounds like a great idea. I have an eye concealer brush that I use under my eyes and for different areas on my face.

If I have a blemish or a red spot that I want to cover up, I use the tip of this brush on my face. It would be nice to have a brush on each end so I could keep my eyes separate from my face.

Does anybody know where you can buy a two-in-one makeup brush like this?

Post 6

@golf07 - One of the best tips I ever heard on buying brushes to apply your makeup was to go to an art store.

You will find good quality brushes there that are not nearly as expensive as specialized makeup brushes are priced.

I bought a whole package of different brushes for less than what I would have paid for one brush at a beauty supply store.

Not only did I save some money, but it also gives me the chance to experiment with different sizes and angles of brushes to find what works best.

I use one of the brushes in the package as an eye concealer brush. It works great, and has lasted me for a long time.

Post 5

I have never used a brush to apply my concealer. My concealer comes in a lipstick tube and I just use my finger to apply underneath my eyes.

I always have dark circles under my eyes if I don't get much sleep the night before. Using a concealer is a life saver for me.

I can see the advantages of using a concealer makeup brush, as you probably get an even application.

Where is the best place to buy makeup brushes like this? I have seen some makeup brushes that are very expensive. I don't want to buy one at a dollar store, but also don't want to be out a lot of money.

Post 4

@feruze - I think the choice of using a concealer brush with natural fibers vs. synthetic fibers is a matter of personal preference.

You will pay more for make up brushes that are made with natural fibers, but they will last a long time. Some people prefer to use brushes with synthetic fibers because they don't like the thought of using animal fibers like goat and squirrel.

Personally, I like to use a good synthetic brush for my liquid concealer. I don't buy the cheapest one I can find, but look for good quality. A good brush will make it easy to apply and give you a smooth finish.

Post 3

I didn't know that there are so many kinds of concealer brushes. I have only one that I purchased from a very affordable cosmetics brand. It has short and thick synthetic fibers. I just learned from the article that this kind of brush is best for thick, paste-type concealers. I've actually been using this brush to apply liquid foundation.

I think it works okay but now that I think about it more, I think it would work better with a thicker concealer. When it's used with liquid concealer, the fibers seem to hold onto the concealer a lot. I'm probably wasting a lot of concealer this way. I wash my cosmetic brushes once a week and huge amounts of concealer wash away from this brush. I'm going to buy one that has longer fibers that are not so thick.

What about synthetic vs. natural fibers? Which is better to use for liquid concealer?

Post 2

My concealer actually comes with its own brush. The liquid concealer is in the form of a pen and the end has a brush through which the concealer comes out when you click on the pen.

This is a really convenient way to use concealer. I either do my makeup in a matter of minutes before I leave the house in the morning or when I get to the office. I can't carry much makeup or brushes with me. That's why I prefer to use this kind of concealer with the concealer brush part of the product.

The brush works pretty well. It's not the best concealer brush I've used, it does require some light patting with my

fingers after application to blend it completely. But that's something I can oversee considering how convenient it is.

It is long enough for a liquid concealer brush but I think the synthetic fibers are a bit sparse. It must be because there needs to be room for the concealer to flow through. Plus, I love this concealer formula. It's light but covers really well so I only a need a tiny amount. It's been more than six months since I bought it and I'm still using it!

Post 1

Another idea is to ask about the best brush for your concealer at your favorite cosmetics store. Now, they may try to sell you the most expensive one, so definitely ask if there is a less expensive alternative! They will probably sell several different kinds.

I know it's not the cheapest way, but I don't wear a ton of makeup, don't buy it often and am very far from being an expert. So when I need some, I just go to a store like Ulta and let them take care of me (making it clear that I want a simple, few-product routine).

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