How Do I Choose the Best Concealed Carry Purse?

Cindy Quarters

A concealed carry purse is a type of handbag that is designed for a woman to carry all of the normal things she might carry in her purse, but also has a place to hold a concealed handgun. When choosing such a purse, you should first look for one that suits your own personal sense of fashion, as these purses come in many different styles and colors. It is also important that your concealed carry purse fulfill the requirements as a place to carry your weapon, with a secure, easy-access holster area that keeps your gun separate from other items in your purse.

A concealed carry purse allows adequate space for a woman to hold a concealed handgun.
A concealed carry purse allows adequate space for a woman to hold a concealed handgun.

It is possible to find a concealed carry purse in many of the same styles that regular purses come in, including large, small, casual, and formal. When choosing one, be sure that the gun area is large enough to hold your gun, as some carry areas can be quite small. The compartment should also be secure so that nobody can glance into your purse and see the gun, and it cannot fall out or be grabbed by someone.

While it is important for the purse to be secure, carrying a weapon is no good if you can’t access it, so your concealed carry purse should hold your gun where it is easy for you to get to if you need it. A zippered compartment will usually keep the weapon hidden while still providing instant access. Check for well-made, easy-to-use zippers that won’t jam up just when you need them.

The opening should be large enough for you to comfortably reach in and grab your gun, ideally with quick-release straps inside that can hold the gun in one position so it is easy to grab every time. Zippers should close the compartment completely so that other items from inside the purse can’t fall into the carry area and get into the gun’s trigger or barrel, which could cause serious problems. The gun compartment should have an unobtrusive lock, though such a lock is not a substitute for proper management.

In addition to a place to hold your gun, a good concealed carry purse will have space for any necessary accessories, such as extra bullets and magazines. Carrying straps should be well-sewn and sturdy, to make it harder for anyone to grab the bag and run with it. Straps that are long enough to fit over your shoulder can also help you to hang onto your bag by always keeping it close to you, as can a snug wrist strap. The seams of the purse should be very sturdy and capable of holding the extra weight of the gun, which will help the purse to last much longer than an ordinary purse would under the same circumstances.

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@Vinzenzo -- you'd be surprised how many people will choose the absolute wrong gun when it comes to concealed carry. I do agree -- pick the gun, then the purse in which to conceal it.

How can you pick the ideal conceal carry pistol? Do some research on the Internet or ask your local gun dealer. Heck, those might be good sources to find our ideal concealed carry purse, too.


It's also a good idea to determine the type of pistol you want before getting a concealed carry purse. Here's what I mean -- a concealed carry pistol should be small, easy to use and devoid of hardware that will snag on a zipper or other obstacles when drawn (a hammer on a revolver, for example, could be a problem).

The point in mentioning these things is that some concealed carry purses have huge spaces in which to hold a pistol. You don't necessarily want to conceal a pistol big enough to fill that space. You're better off with a small, powerful pistol that you can grab and use quickly rather than a large, clumsy one that is both heavy and hard to yank out of a purse.

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