How do I Choose the Best Computer Programming Courses?

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There are four things to consider when looking for the best computer programming course: hands-on training, access to systems outside of classroom hours, qualified instructors, and certification. Computer programming courses are available from universities, community colleges, and online schools. There is a wide range of computer languages and new ones are created on an ongoing basis. A computer programmer is a skilled professional who has invested the time and effort required to learn the different computer languages.

When selecting a computer programming course, it is very important to read both the course description and the recommended prerequisites. This information is very helpful when deciding if the course is at the proper level of skill to meet your requirements. The course description often includes lecture topics, which will provide an overview of course expectations and deliverables.

The first item to check when looking for computer programming courses is to ensure that the classroom is set up with an individual computer workstation for every student. These computers do not have to be use the latest technology, but should be no more than one generation behind. Make sure that the systems are available for each class, and that students are able to save their work to a secured drive on the network.


These courses often have assignments that must be completed off-campus. The school should have virtual private network or remote desktop options available to allow students to complete their work. Without this infrastructure, students will have to purchase and install the programming software on their own computer. These will inevitably cause version and operating system problems that will detract from the course work.

Someone who is a verified expert should teach all computer programming courses. This may include a published author, or the completion of certification programs at the instructor or expert level. There are a wide range of books available for all programming languages. The value of computer programming courses is with the access to short cuts, explanations, and context from an instructor.

There is a wide range of levels for computer programming courses. Personal interest courses often provide a completion certificate at the end of the process. Community college or university programs are often affiliated with an official certification or professional standards body. These courses may include an examination or assignment in order to obtain the certification. Keep in mind that these types of courses are more expensive, but are usually required for professional computer programmers.


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Post 7

It is good for students. These best programming languages courses are here. Thanks for sharing.

Post 4

@earlyforest -- No, a web design course is not the same as a computer programming course. While some of those free online computer programming courses will tell you they include web design training, you really should just skip them and either choose a reputable computer programming course or a web design course.

No sense in spending time with a fakey online computer programming course that promises you the world and ends up wasting your time.

Post 3

Can somebody tell me what the difference between a computer programming course and a web design course?

I really want to get some web design training, can I get this in a computer programming course?

Post 2

As someone who's taken a lot of computer programming classes, I have to tell you -- be prepared.

Courses in computer programming can be really awesome experiences: you get to meet like minded people, and you get to play around with computers, which is probably something you like if you're attending a computer programming course.

However -- and it's a big however -- be aware that some computer courses, especially the free computer programming courses, are not always the greatest. A lot of times you get people in there who are more in need of computer training courses than a computer programming course.

So you'll be stuck in a room with people who aren't overly sure of what exactly programming is, much less the basic steps of doing it.

All that to say, read the descriptions carefully -- or you could be in for a full eight hours of what boils down to watching tech support.

Post 1

Please help me to know how i can study c and c++ easily.

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