How do I Choose the Best Computer Courses?

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Choosing the best computer courses will depend on the specific type of online training that interests you and your personal ambitions. If you are interested in pursuing a career in computer programming, choose a course that will provide you with knowledge you'll need for the that industry. Some computer education programs can lead to a degree in your field of interest. Non-credit online classes are another option.

Computer courses can be broken down by categories such as networking, computer programming, or database management. If you are interested in learning about current computer operating systems, choose computer courses that teach the basics of various operating systems.

If tuition is an issue, you may need to compare online classes to choose courses that fit your budget. You will find some computer classes cost more than others, and some offer more benefits. Just as you might do research to find a new physician or make a large purchase, research your options carefully when considering computer courses.

Certification training may be useful for future jobs or careers. Depending upon your interests, you may consider computer courses to become certified in multimedia or web developing. Applications and server administration may be other options to consider. You can also become certified as an information technology (IT) specialist. You can also become certified in web graphics and design.


If you wish to obtain a certificate for a computer course online, there are a few other things to consider. Cost for certification classes may vary. This may be a consideration if you are on a budget. Also, consider how many hours it will take to complete the course and earn your certification.

If you are finished with your education or if you wish to advance your career, online tools and computer courses may help you. There are also computer courses for seniors who wish to re-enter the workplace and for seniors who are semi-retired. If this applies to you, consider basic computer training courses. Classes that explain the basics of software programs such as Microsoft Works® or Excel® may be beneficial if your job involves computer work.


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Post 2

I'd like to see classes available for people like me. I know my way around a computer well enough to take care of most minor problems -- and a few major ones -- but I can't really get down into the guts of one and do a lot of rehab, if necessary. I'd like to learn that much.

I'd like to learn about the HKEY registry and how to properly modify it, along with how to get rid of bad registry entries -- that kind of thing. But most classes either focus on very elementary skills, or advanced programming. I'd like to take some kind of intermediate class.

Post 1

These days, most of the people I know who need computer classes are seniors getting their first computers, and who don't have their kids or grandkids to help them.

Community education frequently offers classes for seniors, because they really do have to start from scratch, in many cases. Our local public library also offers introductory classes for anyone who wants to take one.

I remember getting computers at my school. They were the old Radio Shack TRS-80s. We learned some things about them, but this was before Apple was popular, and before Windows 3.1 made an appearance. But at least we were exposed to them.

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