How do I Choose the Best Compression Shorts?

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Choosing the best pair of compression shorts can be difficult, especially for those who have never made this purchase before. For best results, athletes should start by considering how the shorts will be used, as this will aid in determining what type of material the shorts should be made from. In addition, customers should try on a number of different styles and brands of shorts in order to find the pair that fits best. Those who are new to compression shorts may want to select a pair that is moderate in price. Once they become more advanced in the sport, a more expensive pair may be appropriate.

In order to find the best compression shorts, is it important for athletes to first consider how the shorts will be used. This will aid in the determination of the type of material which is best. For example, those who will be exercising in extreme climates, and therefore want a short which can wick moisture away from the body, could consider shorts which are made from neoprene. In contrast, those who simply are looking for a pair of shorts which offer a very tight fit will most likely fare better with a product made from spandex.


When shopping for compression shorts, it is also important for the individual to try on a number of different styles of shorts in order to find the best fit. Typically, sizes can vary dramatically from brand to brand, so it is important for customers to be open-minded when shopping. The fit of the shorts can greatly determine their effectiveness, making it essential for customers to try on a number of pairs before making a final selection. No matter how good a specific product looks on paper, it if doesn't feel comfortable, it will likely not be effective.

Those who are shopping for compression shorts should also be sure to keep price in mind. First-time shoppers may find it best to purchase a pair that is of high quality, and in a mid-price range. Once the athlete becomes more experienced, more expensive shorts may be more appropriate. While studies do suggest that quality may affect athletic performance, this is typically true only for the most elite athletes. Those who are new to the sport typically won't see a dramatic change in ability from wearing one pair of shorts over another.


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Post 4

There are compression shorts for women as well but they're usually fairly short unlike men's compression shorts. They're fine for some sports, but for others, they're a little uncomfortable. That's why I wear compression capris when I go jogging or hiking. I find it more comfortable and if I have to walk through plants or something, it's also safer. I don't know why they don't keep compression shorts for women a little longer.

Post 3

If there are any bicyclists here, I highly recommend padded compression shorts. My wife got me one as a gift. I was a bit skeptical at first but these shorts really are very comfortable. It reduces soreness after riding greatly and it seems to keep me fairly cool as well. The great part is that they weren't terribly expensive.

I'm never keen on spending a lot for compression shorts because I'd rather buy several for the same price of an expensive compression shorts. The shorts should be easy to clean as well.

Post 2

I think everyone should use compression shorts made of materials that can wick away moisture from the body, regardless of the climate. Because in sports, sweating is bound to occur and if the compression shorts is made of a material that keeps moisture on skin, it will cause issues. It may lead to painful chafing. Or if the sweat remains and cools on skin, it can cause the athlete to get a cold or experience stiff muscles.

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