How do I Choose the Best Complexion Soap?

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The best way to choose a complexion soap is to find a variety that is best suited to one's skin needs. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of soaps on the market sold by various skin care companies. All of these soaps are formulated slightly differently. The key is finding a complexion soap formulated in a way that best treats and improves the skin's tone and health. This process involves a bit of research and some trial and error but can result in finding the best product for one's skin.

Most kinds of complexion soap are packaged in a way that indicates the type of skin conditions that they treat. For example, one complexion soap might be formulated for people who are trying to treat acne while another kind of complexion soap might be formulated in a way that helps to treat dry skin. The first step is to assess one's skin needs and then narrow down all of the options according to the skin issues that the soaps are supposed to treat or address.


The next step is to test different kinds of soap. This may take a while for those who don't want to purchase dozens of soaps at once and try each one within a short period of time. In order to further narrow down the search and save months of trying different kinds of soaps, consider reading product reviews. The Internet is an excellent source for product reviews and there are many sites dedicated to beauty products where people can write reviews. Many of them have active web boards where people can even ask questions and get responses from others who have tried various kinds of complexion soap to get some advice.

Many times companies that sell moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliant, eye cream, and other similar kinds of products also sell complexion soap. For people who have already identified a line of products that works well for their skin and delivers good results, it is best to first find out if that line includes complexion soap. In fact, it is quite possible that such a line will carry a number of kinds of complexion soap that address numerous kinds of skin needs. There might be one soap for sensitive skin, another for oily or blemished skin, and yet another for combination skin. If it does not, then another similar line of products that uses similar ingredients may be tested.


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Post 3

What's the best complexion soap for winter?

I have beautiful skin in the summer but in wintertime, it becomes really bad. I get flaky and itchy skin which turns red and hurts when I'm outside in cold air. I've been using a generic brand face soap which doesn't seem to be helping me at all. I think I need something that is more moisturizing, soothing and sensitive.

Can anyone recommend a good winter complexion soap for my condition? Which ingredients should I be looking for?

Post 2

@turkay1-- The first goal of a complexion soap should be cleansing, but aside from that, anything that figures into the overall appearance of skin is part of complexion. And color and texture are definitely a part of that.

The other thing that I think everyone should look for in a complexion soap is even skin. This is actually what most of complexion soaps aim for -- for a more even and fresh looking skin. And this generally means a lightening or brightening effect to make skin look more even in terms of color and texture.

But when I say lightening, I'm not talking about "whitening" soaps with bleach and other chemicals in it. I think a complexion soap needs

to be as natural as possible. There are plenty of natural soap ingredients like honey and lemon that have lightening and brightening effects on skin.

I don't use any soaps with petroleum by-products and dangerous ingredients like ceteareth-20 and triethanolamin. I try to stick to organic complexion soaps without dyes and perfumes.

Post 1

What does a complexion soap mean anyway?

When I think of complexion soap, the first things that come to my mind is my skin color and texture. I have a lot of dark spots from the sun for example, so I'm always looking for skin products that can lighten those. I also have dehydrated skin with enlarged pores, so I'm looking for a soap that's hydrating without leaving an oily residue.

That's why I go for oil-free soaps with whitening effects. It seems to work best for my skin. Other soaps are either too drying or don't change the appearance of my skin color at all.

I also came to this conclusion by asking people on forums

, reading reviews and trying out different soaps. Thankfully, complexion soaps are not very expensive, so I can easily buy a new one to try out every two weeks or every month if something doesn't work for me. I can't do that with cleansing facial creams and gels because they're usually too expensive to buy several in one month.

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