How do I Choose the Best Commercial Insurance Policy?

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Business owners are responsible for insuring the business assets with a commercial policy for each asset. Business insurance policies can run from insuring the company vehicles and the building that the company owns and operates the business in, to the primary owners of the business. Choosing the best commercial insurance policy for your business requires you to evaluate the needs the business has, identifying an insurance company that insures these needs and matching the policies with the expenses the business can afford to pay for the policies.

Identify the assets you need to insure under the commercial insurance policy. This can vary greatly, depending on the type of business. For example, if you are an attorney or real estate agent, then you may wish to carry error and omissions insurance that protects you in case you make a professional mistake in advising a client. If you run a courier service, on the other hand, your primary insurance needs are for the various business vehicles that employees use to make deliveries.


Once you have a list of the insurance needs for your business, you are ready to speak to a professional insurance agent. An insurance agent is better than an insurance provider because the agent may have access to various policies from different companies. The insurance agent can work to package a policy together that covers all of your needs. In addition to determining which assets you need to insure for your business, you can also discuss the amount of coverage and deductibles for each commercial policy you need.

An insurance agent acts as a liaison between your business and the insurance companies. The agent can go out and seek various commercial insurance quotes. The agent then brings these quotes back to you for review. You can use the information the agent has gathered, as well as their professional advice, to narrow down the commercial insurance policy that covers all or the majority of your business insurance needs.

A final assessment of the best commercial insurance policy requires you to look into the business finances. While it is ideal to carry the highest coverage possible on your business assets in case of a loss, insuring these assets also requires you to be able to afford to pay for the policy coverage. If the original policy amounts or deductible amounts are too expensive, consider lowering the coverage amount or increasing the deductible amount. This allows you to insure the assets of the business you need to insure, but also be able to make the premium payments.


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