How do I Choose the Best Commercial Greenhouse Kit?

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When choosing the best commercial greenhouse kit, you must decide what the specific purpose is going to be. The essence of a commercial greenhouse is that it will generate a commercial profit, so when determining the best commercial greenhouse kit, calculate how much will be spent on materials and how much profit will be made, and purchase the kit accordingly. This is a project that will take a lot of planning and homework. There are many different choices, and very large price differences.

One of the least expensive and easiest options is to get a commercial greenhouse kit for what's called a lean-to. This is where a preexisting structure is used to support the greenhouse. A large portion of the greenhouse, usually the largest wall, is a building used for another purpose: a house or barn, for example, where electricity and water are readily available. The downside of this structure is the limited space. Temperature control can also be difficult with a structure attached.

A slightly more expensive and larger option is the even span design. This commercial greenhouse kit has much more room because it has a full span, open area, allowing the grower to expand if necessary and to have much better air circulation. This kit is a good concept if space is a big factor. It is also attached to a preexisting structure, but has two even sides.


For the more serious professional greenhouse consumer, a freestanding kit is the best bet. This gives the grower complete control over size, shape, and location. When purchasing this kit, you should remember to incorporate separate irrigation, automatic ventilation, and a separate power source. The larger the greenhouse, the easier it is to control the climate. Smaller structures tend to fluctuate much faster.

There are several online sites a future buyer can look at. Many local home improvement stores also carry extensive literature so that your specific needs can be pinpointed. Given variation in the climate of your region and what you are growing, local advice is always a good idea. A commercial greenhouse kit is not that much different from a recreational one. Commercial greenhouses are usually bigger, and made with better-quality components.


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