How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Floor Scrubbers?

Amy Rodriguez

Choosing the best commercial floor scrubbers requires you to consider the machine's size, power input, design type, and intended floor application. Most floor scrubber purchases are by companies that clean business or residential floors on a daily basis; however, companies that do not use the machine frequently should consider a leasing package from a commercial floor scrubber dealership. This expensive machine needs to be operated very frequently to be a cost effective business investment.

Commercial floor scrubbers are available as walk-behind versions or riding types.
Commercial floor scrubbers are available as walk-behind versions or riding types.

Commercial floor scrubbers are available in a number of different sizes. Before purchasing, the business owner needs to calculate the largest and smallest floor dimensions that he or she cleans for various clientele; the new machine must be large enough to rapidly clean a client's large floor, but small enough to be able to access the more compact floors for other customers. In general, larger floor scrubbers are more expensive than smaller versions.

These machines are powered by either propane, electricity, or a battery. Both propane and battery-powered commercial floor scrubbers have the benefit of being cordless; but, the propane will need to be refilled periodically and the battery will need replacement after frequent use. Electrically-powered commercial floor scrubbers maintain a constant power supply as long as they are plugged into a wall outlet. Users will need to be cautious, however, about the cord's length and possible entanglement with the machine during operation.

Commercial floor scrubbers are available as walk-behind versions or riding types. The walk-behind models are pushed forward by an operator, although the machine does most of the forward propelling action. These scrubbers are normally smaller models than the riding types. Large scrubber models tend to require the operator to ride on the machine. This type is meant for large flooring jobs, especially since the equipment is very expensive in this size range.

When choosing the best machine, business owners should also evaluate the various flooring materials that they service on a frequent basis. Some floor scrubbers are more powerful than others, which can cause a fragile floor type to become damaged, such as antique hardwood floors. Clientele with fragile flooring should be serviced with a smaller and less powerful machine. Industrial floors, such as in manufacturing or warehouse environments, can handle the most powerful scrubbers for the best cleaning.

Small businesses with infrequent scrubber use should consider leasing a machine. The scrubber will only be used for a specific duration of time and returned to the leasing party, much like a rental car. This leasing choice allows the small business to keep its floors clean, as in larger companies, without purchasing an expensive scrubber.

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