How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Dishwasher?

Nick Mann

There are many businesses that can benefit from a commercial dishwasher. This type of dishwasher is usually intended to clean a higher volume of dishes than a regular product used in a home. Numerous types of dishwashers are on the market, but choosing one will mainly depend on three factors. These include the size of the dishwasher, whether it is high or low heat, and its price.

A household dishwasher is significantly smaller than a commercial dishwasher.
A household dishwasher is significantly smaller than a commercial dishwasher.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting a commercial dishwasher is the size and how many dishes it can hold. If on average the business has a minimal amount of dishes to wash, an under-counter type of dishwasher will often suffice. Under-counter models are similar to the ones used in homes and are good for small scale operations. If a high volume of dishes need cleaning, then a dishwasher with a door or conveyor belt is likely to be the best choice. These models are larger and are designed to effectively clean a large number of dishes on a regular basis.

The next aspect to think about is whether to buy a product with either high or low heat. The difference between the two options is that a high heat dishwasher uses temperatures at around 180 ° Fahrenheit (about 82 ° Celsius), while low heat varieties only go up to around 140 ° Fahrenheit (60 ° Celsius). High heat models are capable of sanitizing dishes on their own without chemicals. Low heat cleaning requires a chemical sanitizer near the end of each cycle to sanitize the dishes. A high heat commercial dishwasher usually costs more than a low heat one, but will cost less to run and maintain over its lifetime.

Price is another issue that will often determine what type of commercial dishwasher to choose. In general, paying a bit more initially for a higher quality product will mean the dishwasher should last longer than a less expensive, lower quality model. Before beginning the shopping process, it's important to figure out the average number of dishes that need cleaning on any given day. It's also necessary to factor in the available space and only choose a model that fits comfortably.

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Buying from a store can be a good option if the business is located in a larger city, and often there will be a decent selection from which to choose. Ordering online is sometimes necessary in a smaller town. No matter which route is taken, it's usually best to compare at least three or four dishwashers before making a purchase. This will help provide a better idea of what a fair price is. The features that vary between available products should also be considered.

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