How Do I Choose the Best Comforters for Men?

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As the proverb goes, men traditionally hate shopping. Shopping for a man who avoids stores and gives blank stares when questioned about gifts can be an arduous task indeed. The problem may be compounded when, instead of an awesome new video game or car accessory, the shopping goal is bedding for men. Rather than grilling your man with uncomfortable questions about fabric thread counts and downy fill, consider these tips for selecting the best comforter for him. Look carefully for high quality manufacture, easy care, appealing design and a large size.

Most men prefer no-fuss, easy-care bedding that will endure a long time with little maintenance. Look for high-quality men's comforters manufactured by a recognizable brand. Cheap comforters are made of a polyester shell and stuffed with polyester batting. This type of blanket with such substandard materials may be a terrific bargain but the comforter will not last long. The polyester shell develops unsightly pills, or small balls of fabric fibers, and the filling bunches into uncomfortable wads.

Lightweight, easy care fabric is the best choice. Some of the most luxurious comforters for men are made of cotton or silk and are filled with soft and warm goose down feathers. These comforters require dry cleaning, however, so some men may prefer a cotton-polyester blend or washable satin instead.


When selecting a style, skip the typical floral patterns and pastel colors and opt for masculine comforter themes, such as stripes, animal skin prints, trees and outdoor scenes. Bold colors in blues, blacks and deep reds appeal to men, and comforters for men in these colors are available in a stunning array of designs. If selecting comforters for boys, look into the popular superhero or sporting trends. Boys and men both love paraphernalia of their favorite sports or gaming heroes, and manufacturers are usually up to date with the trends.

Men are larger than women and tend to prefer a larger bed and bedding. To adequately fit the mattress and the man, look for comforters for men in king size. King size comforters are generally sized 101 inches (257 cm) wide by 90 inches (229 cm) long.

Finally, if you intend on making your purchase on the Internet, try to see the actual comforter before buying it. Many stores stock their wares, so inspect the available comforters for men at the retail store before purchasing it online. This will ensure that you are getting the highest quality comforter for your money.


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