How Do I Choose the Best Colors for Fair Skin?

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People with fair skin will want to be sure to choose the best colors for clothing, hair, and even makeup to flatter their unique skin tone. The best colors for fair skin can actually vary depending on the type of skin tone you have; even those with fair skin can have warm or cool skin tones. The tone of the skin is actually more important when choosing colors than whether or not it is light, fair skin, or darker skin. People with cool skin tones frequently have blue or green eyes, and skin that is clear, or not freckled. People with warm earthy complexions often have darker hair with brown or hazel eyes, and sometimes have freckles.

Of course, these rules are not set in stone, and there are plenty of people with darker hair and cooler skin tones. However, narrowing it down in this way can help you start choosing the best colors for fair skin. In general, the colors that people with fair skin should avoid are those that will make you look washed out; these can include some pale pastels, such as lilac, or even some brighter colors such as bright yellow or orange. Generally, you can immediately tell when putting on a piece of clothing if it makes you look healthy, or pale and tired.

The best colors for people cooler complexions tend to be deeper colors. Deep reds, for instance, tend to look very nice with cool, fair skin tones. People with this skin tone will also often wear black, because it is very striking against the cool skin. For makeup and hair, it is best to complement your natural colors, and highlight your features rather than trying to change them too dramatically. This is true for all different types of fair skin.

For anyone selecting colors for fair skin with warm undertones, earth shades tend to look great. Warm browns or earthy greens look great with this skin tone. Makeup with hints of gold can also bring out the warmth of the skin. Charcoal grey can be an excellent option as well, but this skin tone typically doesn't look as good in black, which can be too severe.

Jewelry colors for fair skin are something else to consider as well. People with warm skin tones typically look best in gold, while cool skin tones look pretty in silver. Again, however, none of these rules need to apply if you don't want them to; simply wear what looks best, and what you feel your best in.

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Post 3

@ddljohn-- I agree that there has to be some contrast between skin tone and the color of clothes for a look to make an impact. Why don't you try fuchsia pink?

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Do you like red?

Everyone in my family has fair skin, but my sister is the fairest one of us all. I think the best color for her is red. She looks amazing in red, I think that the contrast looks very good. She also looks really good in silver and gold.

Also, what is the undertone of your skin? I think skin undertone is as important as the shade of skin. For example, if you have a cool undertone, you will look good in blue. If you have a warm undertone, orange and red will look great on you. If you're lucky and have a neutral undertone, you can pretty much wear any color and it will look good.

Post 1

I have very fair skin and I'm having a hard time selecting a prom dress. I was thinking of baby pink, but then my mom said that it makes me look even more pale. I'm not fond of purples and blacks, so I don't want to wear a dress in those colors. White is nice, but then I will probably disappear in it with my fair skin.

I really don't know what color dress I should wear!

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