How Do I Choose the Best Coloring Shampoo?

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Also known as color-depositing shampoo, coloring shampoo contains semipermanent hair-color pigments that gradually build up color over time. These shampoos, which usually come paired with conditioner, are considered to be much less damaging to hair than dye and are a good way to both perk up and extend the life of your hair color, increasing the time period between dye jobs. A number of brands are available on the market, so when choosing one, you should take your hair color and hair health into consideration.

There are a number of brands that sell coloring shampoos. Less-expensive brands tend to have only three types: blonde, brunette, and red. More-expensive brands tend to have a greater range of colors that are easier for you to match to your own hair, with a range of shades for each major hair color. It is important that you choose a color that is similar to your own. Do not use a coloring shampoo with the intention of dying your hair a different color because the pigments do not have the strength of color for this and are also semipermanent, which can leave your hair looking strange, especially if you apply a darker color to lighter hair.


It is also important to note that a coloring shampoo does not cover grey hairs. There are brands, however, that do produce these shampoos for grey hair, and although they do not mask the color, they do enhance it and can also remove the yellow tint that your grey or silver hair can have. It is more difficult to find a coloring shampoo for black hair, but if you spend some time shopping around, you should be able to find one. Salons are great sources for these shampoos, and often the stylist is able to recommend one for you. If you can't find an appropriate one at the salon, there a number of online retailers; just make sure you read product reviews before buying.

With natural and more chemically based products available, choose a coloring shampoo based on the condition of your hair. If your hair is already quite dry, then a shampoo composed mainly of plant extracts is a better choice because it is less damaging to hair and often works just as well as the more chemical ones. Coloring shampoos are available with UV protection, so choose one of these if you spend a lot of time in the sun in order to help prevent your hair from fading. Avoid shampoos with peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol because these can be very drying to hair. Finally, follow the instructions on the bottle regarding use; many of these shampoos should not be used every day.


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Post 2

Oh gosh, if you're a red head and want to go more than three weeks without looking like you need more color, you really need to use one of these kinds of shampoos. It doesn't matter what shade of red you are; you need this shampoo. They've become very common and you can find them everywhere.

I highly recommend the red heads among us get some of this shampoo and use it regularly. I think you'll be really, really pleased at how much nicer your hair looks, and for how much longer. It’s worth the extra dollar or so that it costs.

Post 1

Many, if not most, coloring shampoos are also designed for color-treated hair, so most of them are very safe for that purpose.

I use a coloring shampoo because it tends to keep my hair much more shiny and much softer than regular shampoo. I use the kind for brunette. I don't choose a shade, and they have all been fine for me.

My sister has a red rinse in her hair, and I've tried to get her to use a coloring shampoo for her hair. When she's used it, her hair looks much better than when she doesn't. Her color really fades and the shampoo helps keep it vibrant for longer.

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