How do I Choose the Best Collagen Products?

Collagen is a type of protein responsible for keeping skin firm and smooth. It is found in everyone's skin, but it does decrease with age, which often leads to loose skin and wrinkles. Fortunately, various collagen products can help gain some of it back so that the skin can keep as much elasticity as possible no matter your age. Alas, not all products on the market are equal. You can locate the best kinds by finding out the types available, their ingredients, and where to find them.

There are a few main types of collagen products available. For example, many celebrities use collagen injections, which is when this product is inserted under the skin in order to fill in wrinkles and fine lines. This strategy is usually only used by those with lots of money because it typically costs hundreds of dollars per session, and several sessions are typically required to get results that last more than a year. Instead, most consumers purchase collagen cream, which is meant to be massaged into the skin in order to add elasticity over time. This is usually the cheapest option, but not all such collagen products actually work.

Many people assume that purchasing collagen products that claim to have collagen in them is a good idea, but this is not always the truth. If you plan to buy collagen cream, you should know that the kind that promises to add this protein to your skin purely by massaging it onto the surface is not usually effective. Collagen is too large a protein to be absorbed by the skin in this way. Rather than finding collagen products that claim to include this protein as an ingredient, look for creams that promote the growth of it in your body. Products that stimulate collagen growth are often the best since it is possible to get firmer skin this way, and these products have essentially found a way to help your body help itself.

Rather than walking into the local drugstore and choosing the cheapest collagen products available, put some research into the purchase. Do not solely rely on price as an indicator of quality, but do know that the kind of cream that really works is not likely to be the cheapest one on the shelf. If it were, you likely would have had heard about it by now. Read online reviews, and get the opinion of both friends and experts before you purchase any collagen products.

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Collagen can penetrate your skin's epidermis. A technique in Poland was developed several years ago producing non hydrolyzed collagen keeping the triple helix intact. That means it is "live" and the same as naturally occurring in the human body. This non hydrolyzed collagen is great for natural skin care and also the natural collagen supplements are not only great for skin care but also as joint pain relief.

I have been taking the natural collagen supplements now for more then six months and have had totally free of joint pain, and 10 fold increase in mobility.

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Products containing collagen are not worth anything in your skin care regiment! Collagen can not penetrate the skin due to size of molecules. You need a product that boasts your own collagen and not one that says it contains. Be aware of this beforehand.

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Vegetarians and vegans should also be aware that collagen skin products often contain proteins and fats that make them not technically vegetarian. If you are strict about your avoidance of animal products, they might not be a good fit for you.

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I am personally a little worried about the idea of collagen facial products. However, I have had friends who had good success with them. They do take time, though, so expect to use a collagen cream for several weeks before it really starts to show.

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Collagen face products are also not the only good way to prevent or even reverse aging. I have had positive luck with less extreme products, such as a cream with Octisalate,Avobenzone, and Ensulizole, all of which protect againt UVA rays. I would recommend trying a less extreme product before considering collagen.

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