How Do I Choose the Best Collaborative Workflow Software?

D. Nelson

To choose the best collaborative workflow software, it first is a good idea to determine from which features your organization most can benefit. For example, if you work in an industry such as advertising, you might need software that allows you and your colleagues to edit and process images or videos. Likewise, professionals who work in a service industry might need collaborative workflow software that includes a user friendly customer web interface. Factors such as reputation and cost also might come into consideration when choosing the best program.

To choose the best collaborative workflow software, it is best to first determine which features can supply the most benefit to the organization.
To choose the best collaborative workflow software, it is best to first determine which features can supply the most benefit to the organization.

A workflow program is any kind of computer software that enables professionals to more quickly and efficiently complete projects. In most cases, a document, photograph, or video passes through a series of workflow steps, beginning the moment it is uploaded into a system and concluding after it successfully has been processed. Collaborative workflow describes a process that is designed to accommodate a number of different users who contribute to the same workflow document.

When choosing the best collaborative workflow program, it might first be a good idea to determine which kinds of software fit the needs of your organization best. For instance, a professional photography business needs software that includes tools for editing images. You might find that there is workflow software designed solely for professional photographers. Likewise, an insurance company might find programs that include templates and automated process designed for processing claims.

If you have a smaller business and only need help keeping track of financial statements, orders, and other common kinds of documents, you might benefit from a basic workflow program. This kind of software normally includes commonly used document templates. It might also enable users to design simple processes that occur daily.

Open source collaborative workflow software often can be downloaded for free from the Internet. These programs tend to be basic and may sometimes include design flaws. Professionals with limited budgets and without complex needs, however, may benefit from their basic functions. Others use open source software to learn about various functions, though they don't actually implement the software into their daily operations.

Professionals choosing collaborative workflow software also might consider quality and cost of programs. Ideally, an individual might choose a program that offers the greatest number of helpful functions at the lowest price. This software, however, can greatly impact the efficiency of your organization's daily operations. It might be more cost effective in the long run to pay a little extra for software that is reliable and which has a reputation for excellence.

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Like the article said, size matters when choosing a workflow/project management software. It is important that you get software that's capabilities match your organization's needs. Here's a few options to consider:

Workgroups 2011 offers advanced workflow and scheduling management for larger organizations.

Two commonly used project management programs are Basecamp and Collabative. These have simple workflow capabilities and might work for smaller organizations or freelancers.

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