How Do I Choose the Best Cold Wax?

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When choosing a cold wax, it is important to select one that is nonirritating to your skin and that preferably comes in a kit so that you have all the supplies that you need to perform an effective cold wax hair removal treatment. You should choose the form of cold wax that you are most comfortable with, and you may even want to test different waxes to see which is most effective at offering you a long-term hair removal. If choosing pre-waxed strips, you want to make sure that the strips come in sizes suitable for your needs. Price is another consideration, so you may wish to compare prices on the various waxing options that are available to you.

Cold wax typically comes in two different forms: The first is a cold wax in a jar or a tube that you can spread on an area of skin from which you wish to remove hair. You would then press strips of fabric over the wax. The second type of cold wax treatment comes in pre-waxed fabric or plastic strips that you apply directly to your skin. In both types of treatments you rip the strips off your skin and hopefully your unwanted hair comes off during the ripping process.


Many cold waxes are sold in kits. This can be an extremely convenient way of purchasing wax, as you will not need to purchase additional supplies. If the cold wax comes in a jar or tube, a good kit will contain fabric strips, a tool for spreading the wax and an aftercare solution that can soothe your skin and remove wax residue. If you choose pre-waxed strips, make sure that the kit includes strips in various shapes and sizes so that you can wax various sections of your body comfortably. On the other hand, if you only wish to use the wax on certain areas of your body, such as your legs, you may wish to find a kit that contains only long and large wax strips.

Different cold waxes may include a variety of ingredients, such as fragrances, that may irritate skin. If you are aware that your skin is sensitive, you may wish to choose a fragrance-free cold wax treatment. Another option is to perform a “patch test” in which you try out the wax on a small section of skin to see whether or not it triggers a reaction. If it does, you'll know not to use that particular type of wax, and can choose one that is more gentle to your skin.


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