How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Mug?

G. Wiesen

To choose the best coffee mug, you should consider the size that would be best for you as well as different styles and designs you might prefer. If you tend to drink a lot of coffee or similar hot beverages, then you might want to choose a bigger cup that holds larger quantities. You should also consider if you tend to drink coffee outdoors or inside and whether a thermal mug that keeps drinks hot would be best for you. There are many different coffee mug designs that you can choose from as well, so you should pick one that is aesthetically appropriate.

Coffee mugs should fit a person's style.
Coffee mugs should fit a person's style.

One of the first things you should consider for a coffee mug is the size you prefer. There are many different sizes available, including some that are fairly small and often intended for strong drinks, and larger mugs that can hold multiple servings in a single cup. Even if you prefer a standard cup of coffee, there are still various mugs you can choose. You should consider how you plan on storing your cups, so that you can choose a coffee mug that is not too tall or wide for your needs.

Insulated mugs may be used to help keep coffee warm.
Insulated mugs may be used to help keep coffee warm.

In addition to the size of your coffee mug, you should also consider how the mug is made. If you do a great deal of camping or hiking and often drink coffee outdoors, for example, then you might want to choose a mug that is durable. You should also look for one that includes a lid that closes firmly to prevent potentially painful spills. There are also a number of coffee mug designs that include insulation to help keep your beverage hot for an extended period of time, allowing you to drink at your leisure.

Once you know the size and type of coffee mug that you want, then you should look for designs and prints that match your aesthetic tastes. If you want to match your cups to the overall d├ęcor of your kitchen or dining room, then you might consider mugs with solid print that compliments the colors in those rooms. There are also numerous designs and patterns you can choose from, ranging from references to movies and television shows to mugs with logos for sports teams and video games on them. Some companies allow you to design your own coffee mug, using photographs or other images you have that are printed onto cups for you for a personalized effect.

Espresso is traditionally served in small, demitasse-style mugs.
Espresso is traditionally served in small, demitasse-style mugs.

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A good coffee mug should be sturdy and microwavable, too, in my opinion. I'll probably heat a lot of water in my coffee mug, and I want to be able to use the microwave to do it.

I also like a mug that keeps my coffee warm. This may mean a smaller opening -- less surface area. And I have small hands, so I like a mug that has a handle that isn't too thick.

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