How Do I Choose the Best Coconut Juice?

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Coconut juice refers to the water that is naturally present inside the shell of the tropical fruit. The freshest juice is derived from young coconuts, and you can even drink it right after removing the meat from the shell. Packaged juices are available in cans and bottles, which are the best choices if you are looking for convenience. If you want to gain the benefits of coconut juice but do not care for the taste of the fruit’s water, then you can choose a brand that offers a combination of flavors. Organic versions are also available, but such products might cost more.

Young coconuts tend to have the best tasting juices if you are looking for water directly from the fruit. Such coconuts have green shells, which is an indicator that the fruit is just ripe. In order to get to the juice, you will have to crack the shell and remove some of the outer layers surrounding the meat. If you do not want to go through with this process, you may purchase fresh juice from a farmer’s market, where available.


A more convenient method of drinking coconut water is to purchase packaged varieties, which come in cans and bottles. In order to save money, you should consider buying the items in bulk. Keep in mind that many packaged versions of coconut products have added sugars, so this might not be the best choice if you are on any dietary restrictions related to diabetes or another related health condition.

Other packaged products contain mixtures of fruit juices, including coconut, and this might be a good alternative if you are new to the beverage. The water from coconuts contains a distinct flavor for which some people do not care. Still, many consumers want to reap the nutritional benefits of coconut juice, so they opt for brands with other flavors. Common additional fruits used include pomegranate, açaí berry, and lime.

Organic coconut juice is made out of water from fruit that is grown without pesticides. Also, there are no chemicals involved during the processing of the products. Like other types of organic fruit beverages, many people prefer organic coconut water because they believe that it is healthier and it tastes better. If you choose this type of product, look for a credible agency’s certification on the label in order to determine the brand’s authenticity. Many versions are exclusively sold in natural food stores at higher prices than conventional grocery store varieties.


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