How Do I Choose the Best Club Blazer?

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Many types of organizations, such as the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, and American Legion, have a club blazer that members are required to wear for certain events, like parades, meetings, conventions, and semi-formal functions. Each club has a specific type of blazer, and generally, all members of the group wear the same color. Choosing the best club blazer is a matter of identifying what type and color blazer your organization wears and then choosing one in your size.

The easiest way to choose a club blazer that will be identical to the rest in your group is to inquire who the group's supplier is. Clubs often deal with a local store or establishment where members can purchase jackets. Purchasing directly from the group's retailer will ensure that your club blazer will match the ones worn by the rest of the club. If you prefer to buy one on your own, match the color and style of the blazer as closely as you can.

Color is probably the most important factor in selecting a blazer, as each group generally wears a specific color. Some groups wear only one color, regardless of the location or division of the club, while others may assign different colors to each state or division. Finding out what color your group wears is easily done by asking an officer or another member of the club you belong to.


Once the appropriate color has been determined, you should match the style of the blazer as closely as you can, and choose the same style that the rest of your organization wears. Blazers can either be single-breasted or double-breasted. A single breasted blazer has only one row of buttons, usually a total of two or three, all of which are used to close the jacket. A double breasted blazer has two identical rows of buttons, usually four or six in total, but only one row is used to close the jacket. The second row is purely for decoration.

Material may be another choice in the decision making process. Tweed, linen, wool, and wool blends are some of the most common materials used to make blazers. Choose a material that you will be comfortable wearing, but keep quality and workmanship in mind as well when purchasing a club blazer. A cheaply made blazer will not hold up to much use and may easily show signs of wear.

Size is the last factor to take into account. The best way to make sure that your blazer fits properly is to try it on. Alterations can be made to the blazer to give it a proper custom fit.


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