How do I Choose the Best Cleaning Franchise?

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There are many types of cleaning franchises from which a person may choose. Selecting the best one depends on the aspiring franchisee's unique needs, preferences, and experiences as well as the particulars of the franchises he is considering. For example, a person who wants to buy a cleaning franchise may consider such things as whether he wants to be an owner-operator or send a team of cleaners out to do most of the work. He'll usually also consider the costs involved in a buying a franchise, the company's reputation and earning track record, and the support and training the franchisor will offer. With these things in mind, a person may choose the cleaning franchise that is most likely to help him meet his goals.

One of the most important things a person may consider when purchasing a cleaning franchise is whether or not he wants to be an owner-operator. An owner-operator owns his business, but also does most of the work. This typically means he is responsible for the administrative part of running the franchise as well as the makes sales, giving quotes, collecting money, and doing the cleaning. Other franchises may involve hiring employees to do the bulk of the cleaning, sales, and other tasks, with the owner often focusing on management. To choose the best cleaning franchise, a potential franchisee may do well to carefully consider which type of arrangement he's most comfortable with and select a franchise that is in line with his preferences.


A person who is hoping to choose the best cleaning franchise often compares the reputations of the businesses he's considering. A franchise that is well known and has a good reputation is typically a good choice, as some buyers will patronize a company based on name recognition alone. When a person is trying to choose the best cleaning franchise, he may consider not only whether the name is well known, but also whether the logo is easily recognized.

Training and support are also important when a person is considering a cleaning franchise. In most cases, aspiring franchisees look for companies that have their own cleaning systems and offer training as well. This way, the new franchisee doesn't have to start from scratch with creating his own cleaning systems and methods. Instead, he can draw on the franchisor's expertise to get his cleaning business up and running quickly. Good support is important too. If something goes wrong with a piece of equipment or if a process fails to work as it should, it's helpful to have a resource for getting assistance, instruction, and reliable answers.

Financial matters are also important when a person is attempting to choose a cleaning franchise. An individual usually attempts to choose a franchise that offers the most value for the investment he can afford. He may also consider how well the company is doing financially, its financial history, and the success its current franchisees are having. Likewise, a potential franchisee may also consider how long he'll likely have to wait before he begins to see a return on his investment.


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