How Do I Choose the Best Classification Essay Topics?

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To choose the best classification essay topics, it might be a good idea to think of ideas, experiences, and objects that can easily be divided into groups based on similar characteristics. Most individuals write well when they choose topics in which they are interested. For this reason, it might be a good idea to think about your areas of interest or expertise. If you must write a classification essay for a class, your instructor might provide you with some topic ideas. In some cases, educators might require you to write about particular topics.

A classification essay is a piece of writing that explores the ways in which certain elements can be grouped. For example, if you were to write a classification essay about television shows, you might write about what separates comedy shows from mystery shows. In this essay, you might want to explore how the goal of most comedy shows is to inspire laughter in the audience, while mystery shows aim to create a feeling of suspense in their viewers.


Before you begin to consider your own classification essay topics, it can be important to make sure that your instructor doesn't require you to write about specific topics. If you are attending a nutrition class, for instance, your instructor might require that you only classify kinds of foods in your essay. Many educators provide students with lists of possible classification essay topics. If you are unsure what your instructor expects of you, it is probably a good idea to meet with him or her outside of class for further instruction.

In composition classes, instructors often allow students to choose their own classification essay topics. One reason for this may be that composition educators want students to concentrate primarily on the craft of writing as opposed to the content. In these cases, students often benefit from choosing topics about which they are already familiar or about which they are interested in learning more. It is important to remember, however, that no matter which subject you choose, you should concentrate on how ideas, objects, or experiences can be divided into groups.

Students who are free to choose their own classification essay topics but who have trouble thinking of good subjects may want to perform pre-writing exercises. Brainstorming is an example of a popular exercise. In this process, you can sit down at a computer or with a sheet of paper and pen or pencil. Think freely about ideas that interest you and write them down. Students who perform this exercise often find that they discover ideas they would not have though of otherwise.


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