How Do I Choose the Best Classic Car Restorers?

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The task of restoring a classic car involves more than a simple trip to the local auto garage. Classic car restorers need to have plenty of experience with and knowledge of classic cars. They need to be able to fabricate parts, work on engines, do upgrades and modifications, and so on. When choosing among the classic car restorers in your area, you will need to visit each one and ask for samples of work they have done. Most experienced restorers will have photo albums full of the cars they have restored, and they may even have cars onsite that you can inspect to see their work.

Whenever possible, get to know the classic car restorers you are considering hiring. This may mean joining a classic car club that can point you toward several reputable classic car restorers. Drop by the restorer's shop and take note of the cleanliness of the space, the condition of the tools, the work ethic of the staff, and so on. Try to choose a restorer with a clean, well-lit shop with all the necessary tools to complete the job. This may be tricky if you have no experience with restoration, so whenever possible, take a friend along who may have specific knowledge in this area.


Inspect the previous work of the classic car restorers you are considering. If any of the cars being restored are on site, ask to inspect them and have the restorer point out the work he or she is doing. Many classic car restorers will not have any actual vehicles on site, so you will instead need to look through photo albums of previously restored cars. Take note of the quality of the work displayed in the catalogs and ask questions about the restoration process. The restorer should be open and communicative with you; if you are not comfortable with the restorer, do not hire him or her.

Consider your budget for the restoration process and be sure to get detailed quotes from the classic car restorers you are considering hiring. Choose a restorer who offers a competitive quote, but don't avoid the restorer you are most comfortable with just to save a bit of money. If you get a lower quote somewhere else, approach your preferred restorer and ask if he can match the quote. Remember that you will have to put your trust in the restorer, so you should choose the restorer you are most comfortable working with.


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