How do I Choose the Best Citizenship Classes?

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The best citizenship classes are those that meet an individual’s learning and citizenship goals. Individuals who want to satisfy a high school or college academic requirement in civics or citizenship education will want a class that thoroughly covers the fundamentals, and a high quality class will discuss the political, social, and legal aspects of living in a country. An adult who wishes to become a citizen of a country would benefit more from a class that guides him through the citizenship application process and prepares him specifically for the citizenship exam and interview.

Citizenship classes in high schools and colleges are also referred to as civics classes. These classes are intended to familiarize students with the system of government in a country. Explanations of the legal system are typically included, as well as a citizen’s legal responsibilities. Students are also expected to learn and understand the political history of the country, and acknowledge the importance of participating in the political process through activities such as voting.

For immigrants in need of citizenship classes to prepare for a citizenship exam and interview, a different type of class is generally needed. Such individuals benefit most from citizenship classes that are focused on assisting them in the citizenship process. This includes guidance on how to fill out the citizenship application, discussion of information on the citizenship exam, as well as mock interviews to prepare for the citizenship interview.


Individuals preparing for the citizenship exam benefit most from citizenship classes taught by highly experienced instructors who are familiar with the rules and requirements of the citizenship application process. Filling out a long citizenship application can be intimidating for an individual who may not have perfect command of the local language. Instructors who have guided large numbers of immigrants through the process typically know how to steer individuals through the challenges of the citizenship application process.

The best citizenship classes for individuals preparing for the citizenship exam are those that thoroughly cover the content on the exam and explain what to expect during the citizenship interview. These classes review the questions on the citizenship exam at great length and ensure that class participants understand the questions, have access to the answers, and receive adequate practice for the writing portion of the exam. The best classes also incorporate mock interviews that prepare participants for the actual citizenship interview. Mock interviews typically remove the anxiety often associated with the pressures of test taking, particularly with the citizenship exam, the passing of which is a critical step in becoming a citizen of a country.


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