How do I Choose the Best Circuit Training System?

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There is no universal circuit training system for every exerciser, so choosing the best circuit training system requires the consumer to consider several personal preferences and factors. These include sturdiness of design, ease of assembly, how well the system stores, whether it stores small enough and light enough for travel, and how well it adapts to training the muscles desired.

Circuit training is a flexible type of workout that involves performing a series of exercises in rapid succession, one set of each exercise at a time, before repeating the entire series one or more times. Although circuit training can be performed at a gym, this option may not be convenient for someone limited in time or who travels often. There are a variety of circuit training systems available that include an instructional DVD, often containing workout routines, and exercise equipment.

The design of circuit training system equipment is important because the components will be required to last through heavy use often supporting the exerciser’s full body weight. The assembly frequently contains parts that attach to doorways, such as a pull-up bar that attaches to a wall at either end. Some components require screws to permanently attach to the wall or doorway. This can be a sturdier method of attachment but is more permanent and makes the gym unsuitable for travel.


Safety features, such as non-slip bases, are a desirable feature for added stability and security during exercises. If the equipment will be getting heavy use, the consumer should consider whether straps and other parts are washable. It should be possible to wash or clean most parts without damaging the system.

Many systems are designed to be used while traveling. The portability of the circuit training system should be evaluated by considering factors such as how small the system can be folded up for storage and how much it weighs. If a circuit training system does not fit easily into a suitcase and takes a long time to set up, it will not be suitable for a traveler.

A circuit training system will be used more if it accommodates exercises that the user will enjoy and will target the body muscles the exerciser wishes to work. Circuit training routines may run from as little as 30 minutes to more than an hour, and should be adaptable to the skill level of the exerciser as it progresses. The DVD portion should clearly explain how to use the system as well as providing exercise instruction and teaching proper form and safety while exercising. It should also contain at least one workout routine to help the exerciser get started using the system.


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