How do I Choose the Best Chronic Pain Doctor?

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When choosing a chronic pain doctor, there are several decisions that must be made including the type of treatments the doctor offers, how comfortable the patient is with the environment and staff, and the reputation and experience of the doctor. Millions of people live with some type of chronic pain every day, and more physicians are choosing to specialize in this type of medicine. Pain problems may be the result of many causes including long term illness, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, or from traumatic injury. The majority of pain cases doctors see stem from lower back pain due to strain or injury in the work place. Many believe that the body is better equipped to heal when it is not in pain, and several techniques and medications are used to avoid chronic pain during healing.

One of the first factors most potential patients consider when choosing a chronic pain doctor is the doctor's reputation and experience. People can easily obtain information pertaining to the physician's education and experience from the office staff or promotional materials. Personal referrals can be obtained from other doctors, previous and existing patients, and possibly from online resources. Most people want a pain specialist that has excellent bed side manner and is able to communicate effectively with his or her patients.


In a chronic support center, it is expected that several different types of treatments are available for pain management. During the selection process to choose a chronic pain doctor, many patients are interested in what types of pain management techniques and medications the doctor offers. In many cases, chronic pain patients have already been prescribed, and tried, all kinds of medications and therapies with little success. Patients typically want to find a chronic pain doctor that is willing to try the latest therapies and medications to help relieve the patient's symptoms as safely and effectively as possible.

Nurses and support staff are an important part of any doctor's office, and most patients seeking pain management therapy prefer to visit an office or clinic where they feel comfortable with the staff. It is not unusual for the nursing staff to take an initial assessment of the patient at the beginning of the visit, or even administer treatment if necessary in place of the doctor. It is advisable that new patients schedule a consultation and interact with the staff as much as possible to determine if he or she is comfortable and feels supported. Most experts agree that the patient's comfort and satisfaction is crucial for effective treatment and healing.


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