How Do I Choose the Best Choppy Bob Haircut?

Sonal Panse

A choppy bob haircut is a bob hairstyle in which the hair strands are cut in differing lengths. There are a variety of short and long bob hairstyles, and, generally, it is necessary to have straight hair for these hairstyles. To choose the best choppy bob haircut, it might help to research the different styles and find the ones that will best suit the shape of your face and your hair type. You might also want to consider the amount of maintenance needed, and whether the choppy bob haircut you choose is suitable for your life situation; for instance, if it might be appropriate for your line of work.

Straight hair works best for a choppy bob haircut.
Straight hair works best for a choppy bob haircut.

Choppy bob haircuts tend to be quite individualistic, and are becoming very popular with trendsetters and fashion-conscious people. The basic choppy bob haircut is easy to maintain, which accounts for its growing appeal. Different style combinations like long side bangs, short backs, and blunt or ragged bangs can jazz up the basic bob. Long hair may also be cut in uneven, graduated layers to create a more diversified effect. Pairing the choppy bob haircut with some eye-catching hair colors can make for an even more unique look.

Long hair may be cut in uneven, graduated layers to create a more diversified effect.
Long hair may be cut in uneven, graduated layers to create a more diversified effect.

As mentioned, straight hair is often considered a requirement for the bob haircuts, and if the hair is not naturally straight, it will need to be straightened before it is styled. Wavy, curly or frizzy hair can be straightened with a hair-straightening iron or with a hair-straightening chemical wash; it is best to apply a hair cream before the chemical wash to avoid any hair damage, and, if there are any concerns, to consult a qualified hair beautician beforehand. The hair may be cut with scissors or with a razor. To get the choppy effect, the hair strands are cut separately; each hair strand is held aside and cut at a 45 degree angle. Different kinds of effects are possible, from jagged to wispy.

The blunt choppy bob haircut is achieved by trimming the hair short to ear or chin level on the sides and at the back, and cutting it in a fringe to eyebrow level in the front. The hair is first cut evenly and then individual attention is given to the strands. Layered long bob hairstyles are recommended for medium length or long hair. For this hairstyle, the hair is parted in the center and the hair is sectioned and cut in different lengths.

Choppy bob haircuts are popular with trendsetters.
Choppy bob haircuts are popular with trendsetters.

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One of the coolest things I have seen someone do with a choppy bob haircut was to add in some brightly colored extensions that had a animal print on them. I never thought of adding that kind of visual element to the bob but it looked fantastic. I think it really complimented the texture of the bob.

For myself I have been considering a choppy bob haircut and like the idea of something a little less dramatic. I was thinking of dying the bottom of my hair black and leaving the top blonde to create a bit of impact. Has anyone tried mixing colors like this? How did you feel about the look?


@Sara007 - I think the key to the best choppy bob haircut is to make sure the layers are focused towards the bottom of the cut and not the whole way through. If you look up some pictures of Heidi Klum and Julia Stiles with short hair you can get a feel for how to do this kind of bob haircut really well.

I think that both Heidi and Julia look very stylish while still having that slightly messy look that you know was styled. With a good stylist and some proper haircare at home I think you'll be able to pull off the look with minimal work and without looking like you slept in your hair.


I have been looking at all sorts of pictures of choppy bob haircuts and am wondering how to get a good balance of choppy without looking messy?

It seems to me that the numerous layers of a choppy bob haircut can either look really modern or that you slept and forgot to comb your hair.

Does anyone know of any famous people that have managed to pull off a choppy bob haircut without looking too disheveled?

I want a fun look but I still need to look professional for my job. Since I have to get ready quickly in the morning I need a look that also doesn't take too long.

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