How Do I Choose the Best Chocolate Liquor?

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Chocolate liquor is chocolate in its most pure, liquid form. It is derived from the nibs of ground up cocoa beans, which are further ground into a liquid that consists of cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Pure chocolate liquor is about half and half, but can be modified by adding butter to change qualities such as the texture of the chocolate. More cocoa butter means a higher quantity of fat. Forming solid blocks of chocolate when it cools, the liquor can be bought on its own or its quality assessed to determine what type of chocolate will be used.

Bittersweet chocolate has the highest percentage of chocolate liquor of all. The type of liquor used is also very high in cocoa butter, but carries the benefits of being both edible and suited for baking or cooking other chocolate delicacies. Liquor of this type is often used for making chocolate mousse brownies and ganache. A lower content of chocolate liquor is used to make semisweet as well as sweet chocolate, such as for chocolate chip cookies.

Milk chocolate contains the least amount of liquor, so its flavor is not as strong as other forms of chocolate. Choosing a chocolate liquor depends on how it is made. Filtering systems break it down to separate the solids from the butter, so that each can be added to a new mix in different quantities. The taste is further altered by adding sugar to the mixture.


Chocolate liquor is often selected by manufacturers of other chocolate products based on the desired quality of their end product. An emulsifier called lecithin holds together the mixture for consistency, while oils also affect the quality of the chocolate. Other flavorings can be added as well depending on the nature of the chocolate and its intended use. More cocoa butter, and therefore fat, will be added for producing dark chocolates. The percentage of fat is listed on the label for the chocolate liquor or the product that it is used in.

The choice of chocolate liquor can also be made based on nutrient levels. Cocoa includes healthy ingredients known to reduce cholesterol, as well as vitamin B. Anti-oxidants in the cocoa also carry many health benefits. The ratio of butter to solids can be chosen on the basis of selling a health food product or one based on the health value dark chocolate is known for.


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Post 4

I received some Baileys chocolate liquor chocolates as a Christmas gift one year. This was the first time I had ever tasted something like this. I enjoyed them, but know that some people don't really care much for them.

They also make non-alcoholic Irish cream chocolates which might be a nice choice for people who prefer not to have any alcohol.

Post 3

Some of the best liquor filled chocolate I ever tasted was when I was visiting Europe. Many places in Europe are known for their wonderful chocolate, so this didn't come as a surprise to me.

I think the quality of chocolate liquor that is used can make a big difference. I have tried other chocolate liquor truffles since then, and they weren't quite as good as those I had in Europe.

If you are ever ordering any kind of chocolate online I would be careful about the time of year when you order it.

Once I ordered some chocolate liquor truffles in the summer and when they arrived they had melted. This didn't really affect the taste, but I didn't want to offer them to anybody else.

If you are going to have any kind of chocolate liquor treats for a special occasion, I would buy them directly at the store so you know they won't be melted.

Post 2

I bought some chocolate liquor cups to serve at a party and they were a big hit. These were small cups made of edible chocolate. You could then pour some chocolate liquor into the cup and once the liquor was gone, you could eat the chocolate cup.

I also had some whipped cream and cinnamon sitting next to these if you wanted to top it off with something extra.

This was a fun thing to use for something special. Many people had never seen anything like this before and they really enjoyed them. I don't think you can ever go wrong when you are serving any kind of chocolate at a party.

Post 1

When I was a kid I never realized there was such a thing as types of chocolate liquor, or how much was added to certain kinds of chocolate.

I just remember making my first batch of chocolate chip cookies and tasting the chips before I added them to the batter.

I was expecting the sweet taste of chocolate and found them to taste bitter. That was my first understanding of the difference between semisweet chocolate and milk chocolate.

Since making that first batch of chocolate chip cookies, I have used a lot of chocolate when baking. My favorite has to be a good chocolate liquor that is added to a rich, creamy chocolate mousse. In my opinion, this makes one of the best desserts there is.

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