How do I Choose the Best Chocolate Body Butter?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best chocolate body butter for you means shopping at a trusted source and reading the labels of different butters. The ingredients in chocolate body butters vary widely. It's a good idea to buy smaller jars of a few butter brands you want to try to find the one you like the best. Look for travel sized containers of body butter, then buy a larger jar of your favorite.

Chocolate body butters contain artificial scents, in most cases, and no real chocolate.
Chocolate body butters contain artificial scents, in most cases, and no real chocolate.

Chocolate body butter is available in dark, milk and white varieties. If you like the light-colored look of traditional moisturizing skin lotions, you may prefer white chocolate body butters to their darker counterparts. White chocolate butters may also be less intense in their aromas. Milk chocolate body butters usually have a medium to strong vanilla scent to them. Dark chocolate body butters are the most intense in smell and color. Some of these may have espresso or other coffee flavors added.

The amount of cocoa butter in a chocolate body butter is one factor to consider.
The amount of cocoa butter in a chocolate body butter is one factor to consider.

A coffee-chocolate, or mocha, body butter can be invigorating to use in the morning. Some mocha body butter applied onto rough dry feet or elbows after a morning shower can be a smoothing and soothing way to start the day. Other than coffee or vanilla, floral scents may be added to chocolate body butters and you may or may not like these blends. Again, it's best to read labels and try a small size before buying a chocolate body butter in a large tub-like container.

Keep in mind that chocolate body butters are made for very dry skin. If you have a normal or oily skin type, you may want to use these butters less than daily or only on your feet or elbows rather than all over your body. If you're pregnant, you may want to use a body butter on your stomach daily to try to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

When reading the labels of chocolate body butters, you should consider the other oils and soothers besides cocoa butter. Aloe vera can give a creamy, refreshing feeling when added to a chocolate body butter. If more coconut oil than cocoa butter is used, chocolate body butters may feel less oily on the skin.

Once you discover the chocolate body butter you like best, you may find that the product line expands into related products. For example, many lines of chocolate body butters include lip balm and bath soap in the same scent. A set of chocolate body butter related products can also make a nice gift for a friend or relative who has similar product tastes.

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I like the smell of chocolate in some products such as lip balm, but don't really like it in bath soap.

I once bought some chocolate vanilla body butter on sale, and did enjoy the combination of these two scents. I just don't like the idea of taking a bath in the smell of chocolate though.

The body butter does a great job on my rough feet helping them look and feel a lot smoother. When my skin gets really dry in the winter, I will rub some body butter on them and go to bed with socks on.

When I wake up in the morning, my feet are much softer and smoother. If I do this once a week or so, it really helps keep them from getting so dry.


I have made some of my own skin creams and lotions using cocoa butter. This is a much harder butter than something like shea body butter.

The shea butter is a softer consistency and when you combine the two of them, it makes a very silky body butter.

If I don't want the cocoa scent I will use a cocoa butter that has been refined. This way you get the same texture without the cocoa scent.

This cocoa scent can be pretty strong and many times I have found that it doesn't mix well with other scents. If I want something with a very natural scent I will use the unrefined cocoa butter and I enjoy the light scent of chocolate.

If I want something that has more of a floral scent, I will use the refined cocoa butter and can still enjoy how soft my skin feels without the smell of chocolate.


I love eating chocolate, but don't seem to care much for it in my beauty products. When I use a moisturizer on my skin, I prefer something like a mango body butter.

For some reason I think the cocoa scent is too strong, and prefer more of a fruity scent. I once tried a chocolate strawberry body butter, but felt like the cocoa scent overpowered the scent of strawberry.

I think using chocolate in your body butters is something you either like or you don't. One of my best friends loves the dark chocolate body butter and says it makes her skin feel really smooth.

She has really dry skin in the winter, so I can see why this would be so beneficial for her. I have found some luxurious body butters that provide a lot of moisture, without having the cocoa scent.


If you know someone who loves chocolate, buying them a gift set that includes some chocolate body butter is a great idea.

When I was looking for something unique for my sister, this was the perfect gift for her. I found a set that had some white chocolate body butter and a face mask.

This way she could pamper her whole body in the scent of white chocolate. These were made with organic cocoa and also had some aloe vera gel listed as part of the body butter ingredients.

Not only does this smell good, but there are also some benefits to using chocolate on your skin. It is known to be work as a natural sunscreen and be high in antioxidants.

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