How do I Choose the Best Children's Wallpaper?

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The best children's wallpaper is wallpaper that fits in well with the aesthetic of the entire room and also matches the theme of the room, if there is one. If possible, it is also nice to choose wallpaper that includes something that the child likes. For example, if a child loves aquariums and fish, then choosing a wallpaper with a border of fish, sea horses, sea shells, and aquatic plants might be nice. Some people also like to choose children's wallpaper according to gender. In these cases, a boy's wallpaper might be blue with a border of trucks, or cowboys, or sports-related images while a girl's wallpaper might be pink with a border of kittens, or ballerinas, or princesses.

Parents who are expecting a newborn might not know the sex of their child if they have decided to wait until the birth to find out. In these cases, there are a number of gender-neutral kinds of wallpaper that can be used. Yellow is a color that is commonly used to decorate rooms before the parents know the sex of their child.


When it comes to choosing the best children's wallpaper, the best choice is a choice that makes the parents and the children, if they are old enough to care about the decorations in their room, happy. It is also important that the wallpaper matches the aesthetic that the parents and children want for the room. Some parents would never want to put gender-specific images on their children's walls. Instead, they might choose something more gender-neutral, such as the aquatic children's wallpaper mentioned above. Alternatively, children's wallpaper with no images whatsoever can be chosen. Instead, wallpaper that is simply light and bright and matches the room might work well.

Some parents like to look for every possible chance to bring educational tools into their children's lives. For these parents, there is children's wallpaper that is designed with rows of numbers or letters. Other wallpaper includes maps and other geographical images. There is educational children's wallpaper for kids of various ages and stages in their academic development.


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Post 3

@clintflint - Another option with older children is to use wall murals rather than wallpaper. You can make them together as a project. That will actually teach them a huge variety of different skills if you put them in charge of it. They can evaluate how much it will cost, design the mural to suit their tastes, organize the equipment and so forth.

Post 2

@Ana1234 - You can still get wallpaper that will match the room. Even discount wallpaper will often have several different colors available.

I also think it's probably a mistake to get wallpaper that reflects a specific theme, like sports or trucks or princesses. Even if you know you have a girl or a boy (and know there won't be any surprise brothers or sisters to fit into the room later on) you can't know what they will enjoy. Your boy might hate sports and love music and your girl might be mad on horses rather than princesses.

I think it's best to get something relatively neutral and then let the children personalize the room.

Post 1

I can still remember the wallpaper that was in my childhood bedroom, which had all kinds of woodland creatures on it. I can remember making up little stories about them. I think if I was ever going to wallpaper a nursery or a kid's room, I wouldn't go for wallpaper matching the decor so much as just wallpaper that was going to be interesting.

Kids don't worry about matching colors and things like that. They just want something that looks cool or interesting.

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