How do I Choose the Best Cherry Headboard?

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Choosing the best cherry headboard can be a simple task, as there are distinct finishes and styles available. Most people have a clear preference between light and dark cherry wood as well as a favorite style choice between solid or open, plain or bookcase and traditional or modern. You should also choose the cherry headboard that coordinates the best with your other bedroom furniture.

If your bedroom decor is contemporary with lighter-toned furniture, a light cherry headboard may be a good choice. Contemporary light cherry headboards are often designed in smooth, geometric shapes with a slight twist to them, such as rectangular with stretched corners or a concave dip in the top middle edge. Darker cherry headboards may be more sophisticated or traditional in style; they tend to feature embellished trims such as molding or carving details. Picking a cherry wood headboard that contrasts with your wall color can look tasteful. For instance, a dark cherry headboard against a medium or light colored wall, but a lighter wood tone with darker wall colors can help create a style interest.


Think about what headboard style would best compliment your decor and bed. If your bedroom has an open, airy feel to it in color, space and/or the types of furniture and materials used, then an open style of cherry headboard may work best. Open cherry headboards typically feature a wooden curved or straight frame with metal spindles, or rails, spaced at even intervals inside. Many of these open headboards have either a light or distressed finish; the casual style and finishes tend to make them ideal for rustic or country decors.

Traditional bedrooms with a stately look to them usually suit a solid wood headboard. A poster cherry headboard is traditional in style. It's solid wood with a tall post on each end; the top of a poster headboard is often rounded, but some versions have flat top edges. Modern cherry headboards are usually plain rather than detailed, but they may have a dramatic shape. Round headboards can look especially modern and dramatic.

If you'd like storage options in a cherry headboard, a bookcase style could work well with your needs. A bookcase headboard may have equal-sized compartments or multi-sized ones. If you do decide on a bookcase headboard style in cherry wood, pick one that will showcase your alarm clock, books and decor items attractively. Too many small items that aren't carefully thought out in their placement can make a bookcase headboard appear cluttered.


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